Thursday, January 21, 2010

In a man's middle years there is scarcely a part of the body he would hesitate to turn over to the proper authorities. ~ E.B. White

I'm usually pretty skeptical about natural supplements and remedies. Well, maybe 'skeptical' isn't quite the term, because I have used some nautral supplements in the past with positive results, like Black Cohosh for menopausal relief until my problems became too great for it to help. Maybe 'cautious' is the word I'm looking for. But two of them have proven to me that they really do work. One is Menoquil...I have a link to it at the bottom of my sidebar. It's marvelous. The other is glucosamine sulfate.

Several years ago I took a bad tumble down our basement stairs in the middle of the nite and injured my lower back. Not my tailbone, but the lumbar area. And as I've been getting older arthritis has been settling into the area, with the pain and tenderness spreading in to my hips as well. I have used yoga and stretching exercises to try to ease some of the discomfort and to loosen my back up. Most of the time the pain is there but it's not been too 'naggy'...just uncomfortable. Lately, in the past few months, it's increased to the point where it's interrupting my sleep and causing me to move around like I'm 100 years old when I first get up in the morning. With trying to chase after two very active young toddlers and getting up and down off the floor a hundred times a day, it's become quite a challenge.

Dear Hubby injured his back last year and his chiropractor had recommended glucosamine sulfate to help ease joint pain. Dear Hubby had suggested I try it too, but being the stubborn Swede that I am I kind of pooh-pooh'ed the idea. That is, up until recently. I'd become uncomfortable enough I was just about ready to try anything and when he suggested it again a couple of weeks ago I finally caved in.

I can not believe the difference.

Even after only a couple of weeks. I can walk without pain. I can go up and down the basement stairs without knee pain. My hand joints don't hurt. I can get up off the floor without having to slowly haul myself upward holding on to the nearest piece of furniture.

I feel 20 years younger.

I am now a believer.

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Donna said...

Even doctors know the benefits of glucosamine and advise patients to get it. Mine did. Cliff and I have had times where we thought it wasn't doing any good. Then we'd stop taking it and found out we needed it BADLY. In other words, it doesn't take all our pain away, far from it. But it does lessen our pain a lot.