Monday, January 11, 2010

It's all in the name....

It was a long weekend, just for the fact that my high-speed DSL internet was working dog-slow, if at all. Flicker on, flicker off. Mostly off. Aggravating.
And just because I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a nice Broadband technician named Linda who sincerely tried to help me out, I am going to trust her and hope my DSL will stay steady so I can post this. Tho I really have nothing remotely interesting to talk about this evening. When Cooper laid down for his nap I turned off the TV and told Dylan he and I were taking a nap, too. He actually put up no fuss and cuddled under the big cozy comforter on our bed and promptly went to sleep for almost 2 hours. I slept for at least one. That was the highlight of my day, but a nice one considering Dylan hardly ever naps any more
For those of you who've enjoyed reading my post about why I'm a Facebook Fan of Oregon, here are a few of the right pronunciation for some of the confusing names towns and rivers have been named up here in the Northwest corner of the Lower 48:
Puyallup.......Pew al up
Issaquah......Iss a qwa
Oregon......Ory gun
Yakima......Yak i maw...short "i"
Willamette.......Will am et
Most out-of-staters pronounce "Willamette" as "Will uh met". I've heard Yakima prounced "Yuh kee ma". And Oregon itself? Oh my.
I'm sure every part of the country has its particular strange-sounding, hard-to-pronounce names. It's just that we Northwesterners' are inordinately proud of ours.

Tho this has nothing to do with my post I noticed a reader found my blog by typing in "chicken slaughtering" in a Google search. That made my day.


Linda said...

I enjoyed your blog. I too am a fan of Oregon. Hope your computer problems are solved soon.

Bridget Locke said...

Um, Ory-gun? Seriously? And you're a native Oregonian(ish). *snicker* I always say it's Ore-gun. Not Ory...never Ory. lol

Bridget Locke said...

The pronunciation I get for Willamette is Willa met ee. Um, sure! heh.

I love super-complicated Native American names, don't you? :D

MissKris said...

Nope. I stick to my guns. It's "Ory".

Jaggy said...

Born here. It's "Ory."

It's also a "ruff" not a "roof" and a "crick" not a "creek." I have a Cascadian or Jeffersonian dialect like most Oregonians, and sometimes we just say things different. Like "strrabrree" instead of "strawberry." I'm from the Strawberry City myself, so I'm an expert.