Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've been visiting Betty again....

1. How good are you at delaying gratification? It depends on the types of gratification we're talking about here. Some I'm very good at putting off. I'm not one to buy much on impulse. Money comes with a lot of hard work and I don't like to waste it on something I'll regret buying 5 minutes after I've walked out of the store.

2. Maybe a marshmallow wouldn't be too difficult a temptation for you. What food (or anything else) would be most tempting? Chocolate calls my name. And calls. And calls...And don't think it's just a 'that-time-of-month' thing. I'm menopausal and have been for almost 2 years and it STILL calls my name!

3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being saintly) how patient are you? I think I'm a pretty patient person. I asked Dear Hubby how he'd rate me, since he has to live with me. He gave me a 9! So I guess that makes me pretty virtuous if not saintly, haha!

4. Have you ever waited for something in life only to be disappointed upon realization of the goal/object/etc.? I don't think so. I'm a person who pretty much lives for the day. I never have set high goals for much of anything, outside of striving for peace and contentment. Material goals don't mean a hoot to me. I could care less what the Joneses have. I'm pretty happy with how my life is and can't complain.

5. Are you a person who takes shortcuts? Nope. I like things done well and efficiently.

6. Which line is hardest to wait in? The lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

7. Did you wait to discover the gender of your unborn child until its birth? Hello?? 31 and 33 years ago there weren't ultrasounds or any of the medical contraptions that gave out all that info. We relied on the Ajax test if we wanted to know and even that wasn't very reliable.

8. Are you more patient with children or the elderly? I can honestly say I'm equally so with both. I do full time day care for two toddler grandsons 55 hours per week. Years ago I was a companion two days a week for a lovely lady who was 96 when I began helping her out with housework, shopping, gardening, etc. I've always had a special spot in my heart for both age groups.

9. Did you ever sneak a peek at a present? Yes, and I got caught by my Dad but not before I'd seen most of my gifts. It was a case of double jeopardy...I got a well-deserved spanking AND knowing what I was getting totally ruined Christmas for me that year.

10. What is the longest you've waited for something? 20 years...until the nite I met Dear Hubby.

11. Who has more patience, you or your significant other? Me. No doubt about it. When I asked Dear Hubby about my patience, he told me he'd give himself a 3. And he's about right!

12. Which of the following songs about waiting is your pick for the best? (OK, you may substitute another, if you like.)

A) Anticipation by Carly Simon

B) The Waiting by Tom Petty

C) Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx

D) Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James

I've always been a Carly Simon fan.

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Betty said...

You should check out Linda´s blog, where all these good questions come from. You´d like her blog.
I enjoyed reading your answers. Somehow I knew you were very patient. Having your grandkids there every day and all....