Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mothers & Daughters & Teens & Werewolves...

I got an email from the author Lauren Kessler today. She wrote a book about the Japanese American families who settled in the Hood River, Oregon, area called "Stubborn Twig" that was picked for the Oregon Reads project for our state's 150th anniversary last year. It's a remarkable book and I also read "Dancing with Rose", about her journey into coming to terms with her mother's Alzheimer's disease. One of the most beautiful mother/daughter books I think I've ever read. She is the editor of Etude Magazine and a professor at the University of Oregon in Eugene.
With all that said, we communicated back and forth in a flurry of emails after I'd linked to her in a blog entry. She left a comment and she invited me to come up to her and introduce myself if I ever got to one of her readings held around the state last year. Regrettably, I never did. Too caught up in my day-to-day life to get away. Every time a new issue of Etude is published, tho, she notifies me. And then, today, came the email telling about her new blog project, a mother/daughter collaboration that she and her teenaged daughter Lizzie have launched. It's called "My Teenage Werewolf". I've put a link to it in my sidebar as well. And it is also going to be a book published later this year. I am most definitely looking forward to reading it.

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