Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you have the answers?

Now that I use comment moderation, why am I getting so many spam comments
when I didn't get them before?
Actually, I have a few.....
I can't seem to copy and paste or get anything to highlight.
It takes several frustrating tries.
Could this be a mouse problem?
Do I need to purchase a new one?


Donna said...

I think spam has escalated in the past month. I haven't been having problems copying, pasting, or highlighting. Once in a while I can't get the space between paragraphs the way I like, and I have to make two spaces or none at all. Other than that, no problems.

Liz said...

I've been spammed recently and have introduced a word verifier. At least it was an innocent spam advertising Nike but a pain nonetheless. Blogger just goes funny sometimes for me.

bettyl said...

Sometimes stuff just happens and you have to wait it out. I've had to just wait out several problems recently. I think Blogger just gets overloaded.
If you don't allow 'anonymous' comments, it cuts down on spam a lot.