Sunday, January 24, 2010

Questions...Ramblings...on a rainy morning, waiting for Dear Hubby to come home...

If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be? Scout from "To Kill a Mockingbird". She is so much like I was as a little girl. I think we would've been best buddies.

Where did you get your very first kiss? At the beach when I was in 9th grade. It was Spring Break.

What is your favorite Beatles song? "Here, There, and Everywhere"

Donuts: Overrated, underrated, or 'bout right? I have one word for them...yuck! Especially since losing my sense of taste? To just chew them with no flavor is pretty disgusting. You really become aware of the amount of fat in them.

Cooper loves to stop by the book case in our bedroom on his way to the bathroom -- we have a Jack-n-Jill bathroom, accessible only thru our room and our daughter's -- and pull out a book. Friday's choice was "Keswick's Authentic Voice" by Herbert Stevenson.

My daughter-in-law went out after work on Friday with some girl friends so it was just my son and the boys at home that evening. When our son had called in the afternoon he'd asked if Dylan had taken a nap and I told him that yes, he had. He said, "Well, your power of persuasion is so strong with him, do you think you could talk to him about going to bed like a good boy for me tonite?" I said sure, I'd do that. I mentioned it to Dylan after I got off the phone and he pondered the thought for a few minutes and didn't say anything about it. As they were all going out the door that evening I stopped him for a moment and said, "Remember what Grandma said about going to bed for Daddy like a good boy?" And he looked up at me and said, "Grandma, will you come home with me and lay down with me when I go to bed?" It's the way I get him to take naps now, lying down with him. "Sorry, buddy...Grandma's going to stay here." But I told my son, "Turn out the lights, turn off the TV, and go lay down with him. He'll go to sleep. Then you can get up." I haven't heard if it worked for him but it works like a charm for me, thank goodness. The 10-11 hour days without both boys taking a nap were killing me.

When I got home from grocery shopping yesterday morning, as I pulled up to the curb in front of the house I thought, "Man, this truck is steering weird!" When I went to the passenger side to get the food out I looked down and saw that the front tire was completely flat. I'm not even sure how I got didn't go flat until I'd begun parking it, I don't think, because it was fine on the trip home. Since I use the truck only for grocery shopping on Saturdays for the most part I figured, "Oh, well!" But my neighbor Sonny was outside and noticed the flat, too. A little later he came over and offered to use a battery charger/air compressor his wife had bought him for a gift to pump up the tire so I could at least get the truck to Les Schwab and have the tire repaired. So he did. And I got my flat fixed in no time. What a nice gesture, very much appreciated. (And I do know how to change a flat, but do you know 92% of the driving public doesn't?! I was amazed by that statistic!)

I noticed two of the young men who live in the little 5-plex across the street walking back to the complex at 8 am from the Plaid Pantry a few blocks from our house. Carrying two short-cases of beer. At 8 am, remember? Mercy.

Sometimes I forget what a nice lady my mother-in-law is. Dear Hubby always calls her early Sunday mornings to chat each week. I hardly ever talk to her any more. This morning she called at 7:30, concerned because he hadn't called yet. I told her he was in Yakima for the weekend, and then she remembered he'd told her that last week when he'd talked to her. She and I ended up talking for close to half an hour. A very pleasant chat. It was nice.

As my daughter was watching one of the cooking shows on the Food Channel last nite, there was a segment about hot dogs. Even tho I was on the computer, I heard it with half an ear and when she said, "Mom, sometimes hot dogs just sound so good!" I said they sounded good to me, too. So guess what we're having for lunch today after I come home from church? Hot dogs! With the works!

I have to stop at the library on the way home from church...can't forget to vote! We're having a special election about taxes. I have got to remember to drop off the ballots!

Dear Hubby won't be home until early this evening. 36 years together, and I still miss him when he's gone.

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