Friday, January 22, 2010

Where do they go when they leave?

I wrote about an employee at a local pizzeria not too long ago. As with everyone you meet, there's a little more to the story than we can tell about. Especially considering most people visit a blog page an average of one minute before they restlessly move on. Did you know that little bit of information? I didn't for the first few years I wrote on here...I'd go on and on forever. But after reading that and realizing "less is more" I've tried to cut down on my 'wordiness'. I don't always succeed...

...but I digress.

As usual.

Anyway, the last two times the grandboys and I have stopped in to this little corner establishment, Kim hasn't been there. The first time I figured maybe it was a shift change. Day before yesterday I realized she's no longer there. Even Dylan noticed...he asked me, "Where did the lady go, Grandma?"

Good question...where did she go?

It's funny how we can make first impressions of people, isn't it? The first time the boys and I stopped there to get pizza, Kim waited on us. Not unfriendly, but definitely businesslike and reserved. She was covered with tattoos. A little hard around the edges. For someone so young I could tell she'd already done a lot of living. Once upon a time I might've dismissed her and figured she wasn't worth my time...many, many years ago. But time and experience has taught me in my Christian walk in life that "Do unto others" is there in the Bible for a reason. We aren't supposed to judge someone...we're supposed to love them. And with Kim, as I try to do with everyone I communicate with, I began 'killing her with kindness'. And, as with most other people I encounter more than once, the kindness began softening her heart. (There ARE those out there who are truly impossible to reach, I know. Or take even more kindness than I can bestow, anyway!) Each time we came in and once we began greeting her by name, it wasn't long and we were her friends. She'd go out of her way to give the grandboys little treats, whether it was cookies or candy canes off the store's Christmas tree. Extra Super Balls she had on hand for a vending machine. We gave her a $5 tip at Christmas. She had a beautiful smile. Not that Dylan or Cooper ever cared how she looked on the was the inside they saw. And responded to.

So, where did she go?

Will she remember us?


Wander to the Wayside said...

I've asked the same thing on many occasions. You establish that rapport for the short time you're in contact with them - a receptionist at the doctor's office, a clerk at the store, a nurse's aid at the doctor's office - sharing little tidbits of our lives for those few minutes, even people you've worked with. And then they're gone. And yes, you can't help but wonder did they just move on to something better, or was it an illness, death, or divorce. It's not too unlike a blogger who suddenly stops posting with no explanation! And in the back of your mind you're wishing that you could have said goodbye and good luck, knowing full well that it had been just a casual superficial ships passing in the night relationship that will be forgotten by both.

You know I'm like you with the wordiness, especially in the comments. I've noticed lately that I tend to leave comments with paragraphs, and the ones before and after me are one or two sentences! I guess I like the 'conversation' aspect of commenting.

4evergapeach said...

Will she remember you? I think so. When was the last time you read your blog title? The quote below it? I have a feeling you made her feel special, and because of those times that you actually saw her as Kim and not the "girl behind the counter" she will remember you. I believe through out our lives we are given chances, opportunities to make a difference in someones life. It may not be a monumental difference, but a difference none the less that can make an impact on someones life and we hope and pray it's for the better. Not only did you make a difference in her life but you taught your grandsons a lesson about life, a lesson you hope and pray they will learn from and teach their children.
A beautiful gesture Kris, a pebble in a pond and the rippling effect will longer be felt. God bless!

Suburbia said...

Yes, funny isn't it? Do they think of us too? Perhaps not, because we are still there and they have moved on.