Friday, February 5, 2010

Memories from the corner of my mind...

OK, troops...I'm back.

Let's just say this has been a rather...stressful, I guess...week. No, I haven't gotten my finger back in alignment yet. Can you believe that?! For one thing, it doesn't hurt in the least tho it looks mighty peculiar. And I can type, so as long as I can do that I don't really care. The grandboys have been sick. I've been sick. I spent all of last Saturday and Sunday morning over at their house, taking care of them so my son and daughter-in-law could go to a funeral in her hometown and then have a much-needed nite away. Alone. So these last two weeks have kind of blended into each other. And then we've been doing some financial stuff that's been hanging heavy until we got word today that a very important part of the paperwork has gone thru so...unless something unexpected crops's full steam ahead. I didn't realize just how anxious I was about that until I read the email late this afternoon telling us things are looking good. I wrote back and said THANK YOU for letting us know now so we can actually take a deep breath and relax a bit this weekend. I dunno about you, but I hate stuff like that.

OK. Enough about that.

Back in November I wrote this blog entry about coming in contact with a pen pal I wrote to for several years. We began writing to each other in early 1969. She was 14 - or almost 14 - and I had just turned 15. We even met when I travelled back to Minneapolis to visit a friend in 1973...she lived in Minnesota, too, not far from the Twin Cities. We wrote faithfully to each other until after my son was born in 1978...maybe even a bit longer. In a packet she sent that I received in the mail today is a copy of his birth announcement so I know it was at least until then. He was my second child and she - around the same time - had 4 of her own. We became busy (BUSY!?!) and gradually lost contact. I always regretted that. A few months back I decided on a lark to see if I could locate her on Facebook. I remembered her married name which was rather unusual so I typed it in along with "Minnesota" and what shows up but a photo of a young woman with that last name who looked like Robin had 30 years ago! Different first name, tho, but I was pretty sure Robin had a daughter with that name. So I got brave and sent a message to the young woman on Facebook and, to make a long story short, it was Robin's daughter! She said her mom didn't use the computer much but she'd contact her and get us reconnected. Which, thanks to her, we are now! In Robin's last letter to me she'd written that she still had some of the things I'd sent to her when we were kids. How trippy is that?! So in the packet I got today she sent photos and photocopies of the original high school graduation announcement, mine and Dear Hubby's wedding announcement, our son's birth announcement, AND a copy of the very first letter I wrote to her. February 7, 1969...almost 41 years ago to the day!! Reading that was...surreal. How much I've changed since then...and yet how much I haven't. But as I sat there and read it...oh my, what a lifetime has happened between the time I wrote that letter and now as I sit here writing this tonite. As my daughter read it she said, "This is so weird. I've heard these stories all my life and to read this like it's happening right now is so strange!" I was a Freshman. My parents were alive. My brothers were 21, almost 18, and almost 9...they're now 62, almost 59, and almost 50. Good grief.

So what songs were really popular in Portland/Vancouver back then? Would you like to know?

1. "Crimson and Clover" by Tommy James and the Shondells

2. "Witchi Ti To" by Everything is Everything

3. "River Deep, Mountain High" by Deep Purple

4. "Apricot Brandy" by Rhinoceros (I have to admit I don't have a clue about this one!)

5. "It's All Too Much" by the Beatles

6. "Heard It Thru the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye

7. "I'm Livin' in Shame" by Diana Ross and the Supremes

8. "You Showed Me" by the Turtles

9. "Son of a Preacher Man" by Dusty Springfield

10."Worst That Could Happen" by Brooklyn Bridge

I had just started writing to a pen pal in Germany, a boy named Peter with "long brown hair and dreamy blue eyes". Some things never change...I said I wanted to be an "authoress". Well, I'm not an "authoress" (Is there such a word?!) but I sure can pour out the drivel on here.

And on the back of the envelope I'd written:




Loretta said...

I remember most of those songs too. I loved "Crimson and Clover". I listened to it all the time..."over and over"

Greta said...

Been catching up on your blogs. I'd say we could enjoy a shopping trip to Value Village and a diet pepsi together! I appreciate how you are not focused on material things. That's a spiritual struggle of mine. Even though my life is relatively uncluttered with stuff, I admire stuff I wish I had but strive to focus on eternal values instead.
Bless you, Krissy!

Donna said...

Nice to have a little snippet of your youth, isn't it?

Wander to the Wayside said...

I came into some old letters I'd written to my aunt when I was a teen, and to my dad and step-mother when I was an adult, and surreal is indeed a good word to describe reading them. It's you in a time capsule.

Pam said...

Wow! This is so cool! It must have been so interesting to reread those letters you wrote when you were a girl. What an incredible gift. Lucky you.

bettyl said...

Ah, the good ol' days! Funny that you found her on facebook...I recently found my very first 'real' boyfriend from over 40 years ago! Facebook rocks!

Vanessa Rogers said...

What a wonderful memory and wonderful post. Thanks for sharing that with us. It makes me want a pen pal.