Saturday, February 13, 2010

My life in 6 words and counting....

I don't link to many of the bloggy Monday-Sunday thingies that show up on bazillions of blogs. Every now and then I come across one and get inspired if I'm in the right mood. And then I may never do it again. Don't ask me why. That's why when my friend Betty in Paraguay asks me why I don't link, that's the basic reason. Tho I am particularly fond of "Random Dozen" that I 'lift' from her blog just about every week. But I'm lazy and at 4 am when I usually do them, I'm not too clear-headed for doing anything 'techie'. That's the time of day I usually manage to delete all of my Favorite Coffee Stops. I do that with embarrassing regularity.

So...I saw this one on her blog and I actually linked to it so she knows I'm capable of it, haha! Now, to think of 6 words that describe my life:

"A Woman with an independent mind"

Or would that be 'curious' mind? 'Hungry' mind? Maybe I ought to change it to this:

"Woman with an endlessly searching mind"

Oooooooooooooh, yeah! I like that one. Because that's me in a nutshell. Forever searching, forever seeking. Always hungry for more. I cannot learn enough.

Have you ever met college graduates who are incredibly smug and pompous? Who ask you, "And what university/college did you graduate from?" and when you say, "I never went to college," you get this rather frozen smirky smile and they look at you like they wonder what rug you crawled out from under? Oh, I've graduated, all right. I've graduated from the School of Common Sense. The University of Making Ends Meet. The University of Finding Knowledge in Books. The College of Experience. I've gotten my degree in earned wisdom. In maturity. I haven't had to spend a dime in them, either. Just blood, sweat, and tears. I don't have a diploma to hang on my wall. I don't have a bunch of alphabet letters to stick after my name. But I have the contentment of knowing I've earned what I've learned by just living my life. I'm not compartmentalized. I'm not tenured. I'm a stay-at-home-Grandma, for crying out loud.

But I wouldn't change one second of my life for theirs.


Betty said...

I smiled when I say your post. I don´t mind you "lifting" these incentives for posts from me at all. It gives me the pleasure of knowing you liked my post.
You are a woman of knowledge, that much I do know and agree! Experience is much more important than having a university degree!

Suburbia said...

I like that one :)

Sandy said...

I love to read those 6-word things. Haven't tried it yet.'
You hit a nerve with me on the college degree business. I tend to beat myself up a little bit about never finishing but I wouldn't let anyone else do it! I DO wish I had a degree but I can't imagine I'd be any smarter or have done any more with my got in the way of finishing.

Linda said...

I never went to college...and yes I have seen that "look" before when people ask me where I went to school. But I have never cared...I have always been happy and I know that I have learned much from life.

This was a good post.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

NitWit1 said...

Just surfing by from Liz of Finding Life Hard?. I would have to think hard on a 6-word description of myself.

I once was one of those snooty Univ. kids with a BS in Pharmacy, but I went to work for a patient pharmacist from what would have been called a trade school before a degree and license were prequisites to the practice. He knew more than I learned in 4 years. I became humble very early on. Then my parents were high school graduates but provided their 3 siblings with the opportunity for high education. Two took advantage of it; one went to trade school, also approved of and paid for by my parents.

My husband did not finish the 9th grade, but spent 20 years in the service with honorable retirement and discharge. He walks circles around me in many areas: especially construction and mechanics. No body is an expert in everything. That's why we need and learn from one another.

I'm long past menopause (surgical), but I definitely remember it! Have a good day/night.

LC said...

Hey, I have a college degree and still got "the look" from colleagues who had advanced degrees! I am proud to say that I have relatives and friends who, though they never went to college and some never finished high school, are among the smartest, most competent people I know! Like you, they took advantage of those same institutions you graduated from! Loved your post and your six words.

Call Me Cate said...

I love your post. I have an undergrad degree but that doesn't mean much. I've learned so much more from just doing and living than I ever learned in school.

Thanks for playing 6WS! I feel honored that you used my little meme to show Betty your abilities. ;)

Kelly @ Impowerage said...

I have a university degree but I found that my own experiences were much more helpful when I was job-hunting.

This reminds me of the quote

The education of circumstances is superior to that of tuition.
By William Wordsworth