Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well, shut my mouth!

I've never been accused of being a big mouth. But I do have a tendency to tell the truth according to the way I see it. I don't sugar coat things. I'm blunt. If you ask for my "honest opinion" you'd better be ready to hear it because it's going to be what you get. I don't say things out of intentional cruelty. I don't say things to hurt people's feelings. But the gene of moderation doesn't seem to be one that I've inherited. Then, come to think of wasn't one that either of my parents possessed, either. In the household I grew up in things were black and white. There wasn't really any gray area in between. Some people admire this quality in me. Others have had a dose of it and avoid me forevermore like the plague.

And so that brings me to what I've been pondering for a while. You see, I'm not very good at bridging gaps in my life. I'm not very good at mending fences. I'm good at forgiving, yes. And because I am, I expect others to be, too. I have a hard time understanding when they don't. I have an even harder time understanding people who hold incredibly long grudges. How you can go to ask someone for forgiveness and they won't give it to you, won't even reach out to meet you halfway...won't even give you the opportunity!

I do not understand the human race.

I especially don't understand family.

But that is a whole 'nother story.


Marilyn said...

Ahhhhh, family. A subject I will never understand. The dynamics in mine change day to day all the while each member gripping tightly to their own self rightiousness.
My Mother is a whack job, but I accept her for who she has shown me to be. I expect noting more than insanity and if I get anything other than that it is a great day indeed. I wish my sisters could see her with amusment instead of anger.

Linda said...

Hopefully, given time, the person in question will find it in their heart to forgive you. Please don't lose any sleep over it♥

Families, I don't think I will ever understand them either.

Wonderful blog. I have just read January entries and loved every post.

Will pop back again to catch up on older entries.

Suburbia said...

Sounds interesting Kriss, hope all is well?