Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Don't buy the house, buy the neighborhood.” - Russian Quote

We're in the process of getting the outside of the house child-proofed now that Dylan will be 4 in a week or so and Cooper is fast approaching 2. Dylan...remarkably...finally...has mellowed out and slowed down. Cooper is showing indications of the Terrible Twos but he idolizes his big brother and tends to mimic him so maybe his twos will be a little less hectic. He can have a ferocious temper when not getting his way and he's also a very busy little guy...but so far all he's done has been tempered by observing his brother. Let's hope for my sake that continues, ha!

So...we're having new steps put on our back porch on Friday, leading down into the yard. They'll be broader and have a much more sturdy hand rail for small hands to grasp on to...not so steep as the old stairs. I'm calling around today to see about having gates put on the east and west sides at the back. We have fences on three sides that belong to all the neighbors but have never had gates to completely enclose it. Now we will. And I'll put a couple of locks on them so busy fingers can't flick the handles up and make escape possible. Dylan's already talking about taking trucks out there and swimming in their kiddie pool and helping me garden. I'm going to let him plant the flower boxes and make those his responsibility for keeping alive. I can't wait to get outside and garden!!!!! I have sorely missed my 'zen' time these past few years since I began doing day care for the grand boys. Now I'll be able to putter and they'll be able to play...we should all be happy campers.

One thing that's going to be a challenge is getting the many feral cats in the neighborhood to quit using our back yard as their bathroom. Once upon a time cats used to cover up their poop. Not these cats. They mess everywhere and just leave the piles. I'm hoping that having a lot of people activity out there will encourage the cats to go find another yard to hang out in. Do any of you know of a good cat repellent?? My neighbor Sharon has a horrible time with them pooping all over in her vegetables, too. We'd heard cocoa pod shells were good but that didn't seem to do a thing for deterring these wild critters. They're many generations of cats that have been breeding since the original mother was bought by careless neighbors maybe 15-20 years ago. And the current 'popular' female is enormously pregnant again. Sigh.

I go to Facebook. I go away from Facebook. Currently I'm there again. And every time I go I find someone new. Yesterday when I was browsing thru my hometown's alumni page I came across a girl I remembered from way back when and sent her a message. She responded and we're planning on keeping in touch. And I retyped in the name of my maid of honor who I lost contact with 33 years ago. This time she popped up. Her name is so unusual I'm hoping this is the right Rhonda! I sent her a message this morning so my fingers are crossed. I'd love to 'find' her again. We were planning on becoming roommates and then Dear Hubby entered the picture and the rest is history.

And so it's Thursday. It's supposed to be nice. The boys and I will be heading out early. Yesterday's 5-mile walk really helped in loosening up the sore muscles in my hip from my klutzy fall the day before. Dear Hubby's back to riding his bike to work, an 18+-mile round trip. Old age?! Never heard of it!


Anita said...

Your life appears very full and rewarding. :) Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Ya, what is it with these modern rampant poopers? Cat parenthood gone wrong, too?

RennyBA's Terella said...

Well, age is just a number I guess and good to know Facebook reach out to all :-)

Btw: Thanks for the visit last week - from BPOTW (sorry I'm late returning the favour!) Nice to know you are a Canadian - lots of strings and connections between us you know :-)
Happy Weekend!

Jeanie said...

I hope you are healing well from your fall. I always semm to fall on my backside....I've broken my tailbone a couple of times. Those cats sound like a nasty problem. I hope your "Rhonda" turns out to be the right one.

LC said...

Sounds like you are preparing well for wonderful days ahead for you and grandboys! If feral cats are a problem, it is probable someone in the neighborhood is feeding them. Best wishes on solutions. Cat poop could be a candidate for biological weaponry. Euwwwww!