Thursday, March 11, 2010

The hardest work is to go idle. ~ Yiddish Proverb

I'm trying really hard lately not to be consumed by guilt when it comes to my blog. But I don't seem to be able to find the time to come here as often or for as long as I used to. Why life seems to be even busier than normal, I dunno...maybe because this week has been consumed by mostly 12-hour days of taking care of the grandsons has something to do with it! But I'm not getting around to visit or comment much, either.
That really makes me feel guilty!
Because most of my face-to-face friendships are on hold, too.
Those have been for 4 years now, ever since I began caring for the little ones.
I know it will be sooner than I can imagine and life will be quiet and I'll have so many hours on my hands I won't know what to do with them.
But now is not that time.


Donna said...

I don't think anyone should ever feel guilt about blogging or visiting blogs. It isn't a job where you HAVE to show up or you'll get fired. In my case, it's just an outlet, someplace to share my thoughts and my activities. It's supposed to be fun... unless you're like Pioneer Woman and have made your blog a place to market yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with that; I love PW.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, if you're lucky, you can do everything; but you certainly can't do it all at the same time.
Just try to live mindfully in the present time.

Wander to the Wayside said...

It's not just you...almost everyone on my blog list is in a real slow down, including myself. Don't worry about it - you still post more than anyone I ever saw!

Betty said...

Don´t worry about it. We will be here, when you find the time and in the meantime, do what is more important. I have you on my reader and will always see when you post again. Don´t feel guilty.

4evergapeach said...

As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm in the same boat. My excuse isn't so much from being busy though as it is just pure laziness and lack of motivation. I so much enjoy posting when I do, but some times I just seem to fall into a state of 'lack of inspiration'. My life kinda feels like that right now. Don't feel guilty, enjoy your grandsons and life! I'll be around!

Jeanie said...

Now I feel guilty because I realize I haven't been here for a while. I agree, though, with what everyone above has said...blogging should be a guilt free activity. Do it when you want and how you want. There are too many other things in life that we are "responsible" to. Blogging should not be one of those.