Thursday, July 29, 2010

"I love my life!" ~ Annie Forts (For Clayton)

Yesterday as we were walking home the grandboys stopped in front of a new holistic medicine clinic that recently opened. There's been a younger man working there on and off the past couple of months...he's passed by our house many times pushing a stroller so I know he lives somewhere in our neighborhood. It wasn't until last week that I realized the little boy in his stroller is Down's Syndrome; I had never been close enough or outside when they'd passed by before to notice. But yesterday he was moving a piece of furniture on a dolly to the back of the house and his truck was parked on the curbside with his little boy strapped in to his carseat inside with the doors locked. His movements attracted Dylan, who went over to the truck to peer inside. At first the little boy stared at Dylan, then gave a tentative smile and Dylan said to him, "Hi there, little baby!" But when the toddler realized Dylan was a stranger his face screwed up and he began to fret. Dylan's little heart melted and he crooned to him, "Don't cry, little baby. It's ok!" in the same voice he uses when he talks to the feral kittens thru our living room windows.
In the eyes of a child, there is no such thing as a disability. A crying baby is a crying baby. No labels attached. Just the desire to stop the tears.


Karen said...

I love it! How precious…and I especially treasure the “for Clayton”….thank you, Kris!
May your little Dylan always have that beautiful and loving spirit.

Betty said...

How sweet. Dylan is already a compassionate person.

Rob-bear said...

What an amazingly sensitive and thoughtful child, your Dylan. I hope the world never beats that out of him.

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Good for Dylan, reaching out to a baby, and then wanting to comfort him.

Peggy said...

He is beautiful!!
I am now following you through
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Peggy Gorman

Jewel said...

Very interesting and insightful blog. Following via Friday over 40 blog hop.

Have a great day.


Haupi said...

This is why our Lord said "and a little child will lead then..." Non-judgment is a miraculous, marvelous ability I always strive for. Hello! New follower here from the 40+ blog hop. Hope you'll come visit and follow me too. I'd like to be one of your blogging buddies. Smiles


LBDDiaries said...

This was very amazing - just puts it out there and makes a very strong point - we should all see as Dylan sees!

Doreen McGettigan said...

As the Mom-Mom of a special needs child that post warms my heart. Kyle does not have Downs Syndrome he has another one. All of my grandchildren are fluent in sign language so they can talk to Kyle and it is so strange but they all feel so protective of him. They can just sense he is different and needs more help.
I am visiting and following from Over forty FF.
I hope when you get the chance you will stop by and say hello. say everyone has a story..