Friday, August 20, 2010

84 Things About Me

Are we egoists, we bloggers who like to do memes? Who like to tell our reading world what makes us tick and what we like and what we hate and....well, the list is endless, isn't it? Even with all the memes I've done, don't think to yourselves that I've revealed all that much about myself. No. You see, I expose what I want to expose. The private side of me doesn't emerge much here, not the 'inner world' that all of us have but few of us reveal. The voice that talks 24/7 in my head. My 'thought world', I guess you could call it. But I happened to stop by Simone's blog this evening and she'd done one on 84 things and challenged others to do the same thing. Since Simone is someone new to me in the bloggy world, a recent transplant to Portland from southern California and who knows me about as well as I know her...which isn't well at all yet...and I'm tired and my brain isn't up to anything deep or even shallow. are my 84 things in no apparent order. I'll type them as they come to me and I'll really try to put things in here I've never mentioned before:

1. I loved Popeye the Sailor Man when I was a little girl. I ate a whole 20 ounce can of spinach when I was 4, thinking I'd be strong like Popeye. All I ended up being was extremely sick. I have never eaten cooked spinach again.

2. I taught myself how to ride a bike. I never had training wheels. I was maybe 6 at the time?

3. Ricky was the first boy I ever kissed, out on the playground when we both ran to get a kick ball that went behind the first-grade annex. I was 6. He had the cutest dimples.

4. My Dear Hubby taught me to drive when I was 20. He tells me I drive like a guy.

5. I once locked my mother out of the house when I was 6. Deliberately. Boy, did I get spanked when I finally let her in!

6. 6 seems to have been a very eventful year for me.

7. I got seasick on the Megler ferry that used to cross the Columbia River at its mouth between Washington and Oregon. Before the big toll bridge was built. It was a stormy day and, mercy, did I wish I could die! It used to take the ferries about half an hour to cross the river there but it seemed to be an eternity that day.

8. Speaking of that ferry, it reminds me of the time I climbed to the top of the Astoria Column 3 times in a row. It has 164 steps, so that equals out to 984 steps up and down. Without any stopping in between. The next day I had such horrible charley horses in my calf muscles I could barely stand. That time I was around 11.

9. I went to Universal Studios when I was 20 while visiting my California-Friend-Liz our family we differentiate between my two good friends named Liz by calling them Best Friend Liz and California Liz so we don't get mixed up when I'm talking about them...and while taking the tour of the lot I saw Lorne Green of "Bonanza" fame and Susan St. James who was on "Kate & Allie". That was back in 1973 so I'm not sure what she was famous for back then...maybe the show with Rock Hudson? Wasn't that her? Anyway, I was greatly disappointed by how human they looked. He was much shorter than I thought, and she had a big backside in comparison to the rest of her build. He smiled at us and waved. She just sauntered by and ignored us. Hmmmphhhh. So much for fame.

10. When I do these, I wonder who on earth sticks thru and reads them to the end? I'm doing them mainly for my grandsons to have in the future. Can you imagine what they'll think about me some day?! And to think I'm responsible for their daily care 11 1/2 hours per day. Scary thought.

11. I used to get hemorrhaging nosebleeds, bad enough one time where I had to be hospitalized. Our family doctor finally cauterized the inside of both nostrils and I never had another bad nosebleed after that. I was...again...6.

12. I used to think I was adopted. My mother couldn't find my birth certificate thruout my entire childhood. She finally found it stuck to the back of my oldest brother's, stuffed in to his envelope. I was 18. By that time I didn't care.

13. I had a huge crush on Lawrence Welk when I was little. We watched his show every Saturday nite and I thought he was so elegant when he'd go out into the audience and dance with all the old ladies at the end of the show.

14. I idolized Annette Funicello. Totally. I loved watching "Mickey Mouse Club" so I could see her. I loved her records, too.

15. I used to win awards for my penmanship in grade school. I got a pen/mechanical pencil set for an award one year and was so proud of it I took excellent care of it and it lasted me well into adulthood.

16. My dad and I once got lost together out in the woods searching for a Christmas tree. We found our way back eventually, but it was pretty scary.

17. My dad once took me fishing on a train trestle. He told me it was abandoned and trains never used it. So as we're sitting there fishing, what do we hear but a train whistle and we could see a train coming up fast in the not-too-far distance. Boy, did we scramble back to shore!

18. We used to go out for Sunday afternoon drives just about every Sunday as far back as I can remember.

19. I once got mad at my next-oldest brother and threw an 8-ball from a pool game at him. I hit him right between the eyes and cold-cocked him. My great-aunt Etta who was babysitting us that day -- our mom was in the hospital giving birth to our youngest brother -- thought for sure I'd killed him. I was...guess what...6.

20. I went to 3 different middle schools and 3 different high schools. I hated every single one of them.

21. I'm sure my attitude had a lot to do with it, but I didn't have many friends at those schools.

22. I never learned how to climb trees. Amazing, considering what a diehard tomboy I was.

23. I have never eaten eggplant. Something about the purple skin and the yellow innards just doesn't do it for me.

24. I can wiggle my ears.

25. I am nowhere near as 'saintly' as people tend to think I am. I am the first to admit I'm very, very human.

26. Death doesn't bother me. And I am very good at end-care for those I love.

27. I am not easily embarrassed.

27. I can laugh at myself.

28. I laugh at myself a lot.

29. I would live by the ocean if I could.

30. I have learned it's better to forgive and move on.

31. I craved watermelon when I was pregnant with my son, to the tune where I could sit down and eat a whole one all by myself. And I did. A lot. And my son weighed 12 pounds. Not that the watermelon had anything to do with that. But the MnM's I also craved probably had a lot to do with me weighing over 200 pounds when I gave birth to him!

32. But when I had my daughter -- who weighed almost 10 pounds -- I weighed 8 pounds less the day I took her home from the hospital than I'd weighed when I got pregnant. I could fit right back in to my jeans.

33. I found my first gray hair when I was pregnant with her. I was 22.

34. You'd have to search long and hard to find a dark hair on my head now.

35. I loved the Franco Zeffirelli version of "Romeo and Juliet". A friend of mine had the soundtrack album from it and I borrowed it and memorized the entire thing. I got to where I could recite a lot of passages from the actual play by Shakespeare.

36. I have always spent a lot of time inside my head.

37. I write much, much better than I speak.

38. I always wanted a horse.

39. I have gone skinny-dipping.

40. I have been inside the Ape Caves.

41. I have had a family member who was murdered.

42. I have not had an alcoholic drink in almost 34 years.

43. I have never smoked. Tried one or two as a teen but hated them.

44. I suffer terribly from motion sickness. Probably why I don't like to travel much.

45. I sleep on the left side of the bed.

46. I can't sleep in a room with a door closed. Long story on that one.

47. Sorry...a few of these are 'old' revelations, but this is harder than you think, and I have a lot of newer readers who haven't been around all that long.

48. I once snorted a pea up my nose. And I couldn't get it back out. It lodged itself way back somewhere. Then one day I blew my nose and...voila! There was the pea! Several months later.

48. I have a very gross sense of humor.

49. My Dear Hubby makes me laugh more and harder than anyone else on earth. He is a very funny man.

50. I love a lot more deeply than people would ever realize.

51. I once used to look so good in a bikini it took Dear Hubby's breath away. Those days are far, far in the past.

52. I would rather be comfortable than fashionable.

53. I am not easily swayed.

54. I am addicted to the game "Rainbow Web". I even bought the download version so I have it on my computer. The only reason I mention this is because I am so totally NOT a game person. I hate board games. Except for Trivial Pursuit, which I play very, very well.

55. I am not arrogant, but I am confident. Vast difference there.

56. I will not tolerate rude, crude behavior.

57. I think I'll be a very interesting old person if I live that long. I love the poem 'Warning: When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple". That will be me.

58. I was there when a beloved family friend of ours heard the news her fiance had been killed in Viet Nam. That made the war very real to me.

59. When I was a little girl I once saw a standard Poodle kill the entire batch of kittens our cat had just given birth to. That deeply affected me for a long time.

60. I am not squeamish.

61. I am very quirky.

62. I love loud music.

63. I love driving in my truck listening to loud music.

64. I am becoming somewhat hard of hearing, probably due to my love of loud music and listening to it that way most of my life.

65. The first album I ever bought myself was "The Supremes A Go Go"

66. I watched The Beatles on the first "Ed Sullivan Show" they appeared on

67. I would rather sit on my back porch reading a book and basking in the sunshine, listening to wind chimes and bird song and the wind in the trees than just about anything else on earth.

68. I am a very complex woman living a simple life.

69. I never went to college. Everything I've learned has come from books. And the School of Life.

70. I can drive a clutch better than most men.

72. I detest social obligations.

73. I love to spend time just sitting around talking with Dear Hubby.

74. When I was young, motherhood was never very high on my priority list. I don't know why. But once I became one I couldn't imagine life not being one.

75. I have read the entire Bible 8 or 9 times. I've lost count. King James Version only.

76. I am very devoted to giving my grandsons a rich tapestry of experiences while they're under my care.

77. I once had a cat named Knucklehead.

78. I have never enjoyed Life more than seeing it thru the eyes of my children when they were small and now my grandchildren. Tho this time around I have the luxury of having time to smell the roses.

79. When I die I want the song "Victory in Jesus" played. Or sung. I don't really care which. But that song tells my life story in a few verses.

80. I lived in a house that was supposed to have been haunted. So did he.

81. I have had many, many people cross my path in my lifetime so far, but I've allowed myself to be close to only a few.

82. I've had few regrets in my life but the main one is I've never been able to get my next-oldest brother to reconcile with me. He has not spoken to me or acknowledged me in 18 years. I have several grand-nieces and nephews I've never met or haven't seen since they were babies. Life is too short too hold such bitter feelings....a long long LONG story....but some people just don't know how or don't want to forgive. Even if they're family, we can't make them love us.

83. My life began again in 1999. I found myself then.

84. I wouldn't change one thing.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I love your list! You snorted a pea? You've had many adventures at 6. That must've been the year of curiosity for you.

I'm glad you played along. I feel like I know you a little bit more than I did.

Donna said...

Very interesting. A lot of them remind me of myself. My daughter stuck an uncooked dry bean up her nose as a two-year-old. I managed to get it out, but it sure scared me. Oh, and my daughter had nosebleeds for a long time, for no apparent reason.
You had few friends in high school? I had NO friends, and I really didn't care. Isn't that terrible?

Betty said...

Nr. 82 makes me sad for you. That must be very hard to live with. To be willing to "patch" things up and having the other person reject you. I know it is his problem, but it´s still hard.
I loved reading this. I did a "100 things" post some time ago, that was similar. And I agree, it´s harder than it looks. But I got to know you a bit better again.
6 was a hard year for you, huh? :) haha

Jaggy said...

I've never had eggplant either! Purple skin, off-white guts, no thank you.

Jeanie said...

These things were very interesting to read. I like how with all of us there are so many similarities and so many differences. I would like to try it, but 84 seems very daunting. I think I am afraid I might find out I am boring. haha