Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

"Pioneer Woman" sculpture by Norman Frater

This is something I wonder about. In the past several months there's been a lot written about the "Pioneer Woman" blog and the lady who writes it. She's been on TV, had a book published.

She and her family seem to be living under a glaring spotlight of intense scrutiny. I rarely visit there but every now and then I'll see the blog on someone's sidebar and I'll click on it and stop by to read a post or two. It's a beautiful blog...gorgeous photos, great writing. But maybe I'm just weird. When it gets to the point where you have 726 comments to slog your way thru, how do you do it? How do you keep up with your reading 'audience'? How is she able to keep it real, to keep it fresh? How does she cope with the pressures of always having to come up with something that will keep bringing all those readers back?

I think all of us who consider ourselves writers dream of fame and fortune, of having our work published and our names up in lights -- or at least recognizable to the public. If truth be told, I think we're all a little envious when we read of someone who's attained such fame in the blogging world. But who am I kidding? I'm nowhere near Ree's range of talent as a writer, a photographer, a homemaker. I'm just a silver-haired-50-and-getting-ever-closer-to-60-something-stay-at-home grandma plunking her way across the keyboard on a more-or-less daily basis. Mega-fame isn't something I think I'd want to have to deal with at this stage in life. But then again, there was Grandma Moses, wasn't there? I dunno...maybe I'm strange. But one of the things I love about coming here into my own little corner of the blogosphere is having the small circle of blog friends I'm able to still keep up with. I don't have the time to navigate my way thru dozens of blogs a day. Those I keep up with are those I consider friends as much as I do the people I know face-to-face. Getting a comment or an email from them gives me as much pleasure as finding a snail mail letter in the mail box used to give me. I like it this way. I like the personal side of blogging.

So...I'll just keep coming back here at 3:30 in the morning, sitting at my grandma's desk with my bed-head of wild hair, barefoot and in my saggy-baggy old comfortable sleep shirt. Sipping my coffee. Hoping the cobwebs in my brain will blow away. And never having to worry about 'keeping up with the Joneses' out there in the rest of the bloggy world.


Tish said...

Hey there, Miss Kriss. Thanks for coming by my blog. You too have some good looking little grandsons. Isn't it great?!
Interesting post. I enjoy reading PW, and Kath Eats Real Food, and Roni's Weigh and some of the other heavy hitters in the blog world. I think PW has an incredible amount of energy and keeps her posts interesting. She's also a very good writer and I'm interested in some of her key topics (homeschooling, children, cooking). With the ones who get 736 comments, I never feel obliged to comment, but occasionally will. I too, feel a stronger connection, a friendship if you will, with the more homegrown bloggers. I blog to explore things about myself and like the connection with my own blog community, exchanging advice, inspiration, and ideas.

Judy said...

I hear you.
Since I've disabled my stat-counter if no one comments I haven't a clue whether or not anyone is reading. I like it better that way.

Carrie82 said...

Hi Misskris,

Thanks very much for your post on my blog. I thought I would come and visit yours and may I say, you have adorable grandsons. It looks like you have heaps of fun with them! What a lovely idea to keep all these memories for them to look back on and smille at when they're grown up.

I kept a honeymoon journal (3 week road trip from LA along the pacific coast to San Fran, Yosemite & Las Vegas). My husband thought I was crazy, given that we took over 1000 photos (another passion). But there's just something about the written word, that can never be captured by a photo!

Hope you've had a lovely day with the boys!

Betty said...

I always wonder the same thing about those many comments. How do they do it? I wonder if they read all of them? I for one, don´t comment if there are that many already.
I feel safer with my blogging friends that I know for me that´s enough.

Jeanie said...

I agree, Kris. I don't know what is the right amount, but some of these megablogs are a little overwhelming. I blog for myself and appreciate that I can share it with a few others.

Rob-bear said...

Blogging is about who we are. Some people will like it, and some won't.

But it's exactly as Roosevelt said.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Wow, I have never heard of her blog. That is excessive. Too many I think. I wouldn't want to deal with the pressures either.

Anita said...

Now I'm curious. Got to Google her and see what all the hoopla is about. :)