Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leisure is the most challenging responsibility a man can be offered. ~ William Russell

I'm on vacation this week. No...this isn't me under a palm tree in the tropics. With my luck and my allergies, I'd be allergic to everything in bloom in Hawaii or the Caribbean. So...I stick close to home. In fact, I am home. Maybe someday, when the pace of my life slows down, I'll slow down but I'm beginning to think I've forgotten how to relax. The weekend was a typical weekend. Monday was lovely...we went to visit some friends of ours who live up near Mt. Hood and, after a great hike in the woods along a river, came back to their place for a barbecue out under the trees. Cool enough to wear sweaters, but crisp and refreshing. Tuesday I was at Fred Meyer when the doors opened to rent a rug shampooer and I came home and cleaned the living room carpet. I probably could've kept the shampooer and shampooed every day of the week but least it's much cleaner and finally has the smell of the half-gallon of apple juice that exploded all over it gone now. I did some cleaning and sorting. This morning I took a couple of big bags of stuff over to the Goodwill, then came home and scraped the front porch steps to prep them for painting as soon as the weather cooperates. I helped Dear Hubby change an electric socket in the living room that's been sparking. Well, he changed it and I held the flash light...but you know what I mean. We almost passed out when he finally got it out of the wall...the amount of dust in the socket, as well as finding the outlet almost completely broken in two. It's a miracle the house hasn't burned down. As old as the fixture was, it'd probably been in that wall since electricity was installed. Since our house was built in 1912 I don't know if electricity extended this far out of the center of the city or not, since this area used to be filled with fruit orchards. But that socket had to be at least 75 years old. When Dear Hubby took it out it actually fell apart in his hands. The good Lord has truly smiled down upon us.

Let's see...what else have I done? I have done a little bit of reading. I'm trying to catch up on emails. I've had a killer sinus headache since I woke up yesterday morning that's kept me from doing as much of both as I'd like to do. But it's easing up. I'm feeling better this evening...and here I am!

Tomorrow my best friend Lizzee is coming over. We're going out to breakfast, then hanging out and just catching up. I'm not even sure the last time we got together. A year ago? I lose track of time so easily. She's been nursing a broken hand...I've been busy corralling two very rambunctious boys. I did ok with talking like a grown-up on Monday...I'm hoping I'll do well tomorrow, too. And on Friday when I go over and visit with my younger brother. I haven't seen him in at least a year, too. And both he and Lizzee just live across the Columbia River from me in Washington. Is that pathetic or what? The weekend? I dunno. Some more reading. I am starved for books lately, and I seem to have lucked out and have a pile of good ones waiting for me.

So...this is my vacation. Peaceful. Quiet. Fun to me, and that's all that matters.


Judy said...

Happy Vacation Kris!

I have two quiet days coming up. Hoping to bond with my 'new' dog.

Rob-bear said...

Hope you keep having a grand time!

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Wow...that's what I call a "working" vacation.
Glad you have some books to read. My son-in-law is a writer & publisher and has been keeping me supplied in books to read.
I understand the talking with grownup VS talking with children.LOL
Been there done that.I teach Sunday School to 3-5 year olds. Then go to grownup church right after that(sometimes my mind is still in S.S. class)
Thanks for sharing with us.
Take care,
Mommy 2