Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Woke up...fell out of bed...dragged a comb across my head.... " ~ 'A Day in the Life' by the Beatles

Good thing ya'll can't see me in the morning as I sit here waking up and taking the few uninterrupted minutes I have during the day to read my email and catch up on Facebook.  Trust me...it's not a pretty sight.

OK...can someone tell me where all the minutes in a day go?  I came here this morning and can't believe the last day I posted was on my daughter's birthday 12 days ago.  As I scanned down what I'd written it seemed like that had happened a month ago, so much has been crammed in between then and now.  A friend of mine mentioned recently, "Just wait until the next decade if you think time goes fast now!"  Yes, sadly, I can believe it.  Years ago as a part time job while my kids were still in school I was a companion 3 days a week for a lovely woman named Leona who was 96 and still living independently.  She told me at the time a day was like a vapor.  And she said the saddest part about living so long is that all of her generation had all passed away ahead of her except for one very frail cousin and she had no one left who'd shared her growing-up experiences.  But she fascinated me.  Her mind was still as sharp as a tack and talking with her was like listening to a living history book.  She could remember hearing the whistles and sirens going off that celebrated the beginnings of the 1900s.  She graduated from high school the year the Titanic went down.  She lived through two World Wars and survived the Great Depression.  I used to love it when she'd take out her photo albums and we'd sit down together on the couch and look thru them.  She lived to be 100.  And she lived to see some great-great-grandchildren born.

A local church had a Family Fun Fest this past Sunday afternoon and I took my grandchildren to it.  It was one of those glorious early-Fall days with sunshine and brilliant blue skies.  The boys got to slide down inflatable slides, ride ponies, pet all kinds of farm animals, ride on a trackless choo-choo train, have their first experience in eating 'rotten candy', as Dylan dubbed cotton candy.  They had the time of their lives.  I can't say the same thing for their parents.  My son and daughter-in-law woke up to a flooded basement Sunday morning.  The sump pump had failed and had no shut-off valve on it...it'd been installed by the previous owner...so the water just kept coming.  So getting the boys out of the house and out of their hair helped ease some of the stress of the situation.  Wouldn't you know it was something their insurance doesn't cover.  The home restoration people said they thought they'd saved the carpet but some of the walls are going to have to be repaired or replaced.  The joys of home ownership, and the unknown factors of buying homes in regions you know nothing about.

Even tho I'm so busy living it, some days I feel like life is passing me by.  All the little intricacies of each passing moment...the sameness of every day...the unexpected that pops up...the weariness at the end of the day...the excitement of each new discovery.  Life is such a mix, isn't it?  We never know each morning as we get out of bed what it's going to bring our way.  Some days I'm sure we're glad we don't know.  But isn't it a wonderful gift?  Isn't it something worth welcoming, the good and the bad?  It molds us into who we are.  It is the record that proves to us that yes, we're here.  Some days in black and white.  Some days in amazing technicolor.  And some days in shades of gray. 


Betty said...

"Even tho I'm so busy living it, some days I feel like life is passing me by."....You put it well. I feel that way so often. What can I do to change it? Not much, I guess all we can do it be more aware of the great moments we have.

LC said...

Your last paragraph hits some negative feelings I sometimes experience, and you follow that with the sure-fire, never fail antidote!

Loretta said...

It seems since I hit 60 that time really goes by fast. Where did the whole year go? To think, it's all most time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Rob-bear said...

Or, Johnny Cash; "We I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt." I wake up like that lots of days, but not from consuming "bottled spirits."
Sorry to hear of son and dil's massive misadventure. Taking the boys was a treat for them, their parents, and you. Hope the mess is getting fixed up!

Vanessa Rogers said...

what a nice post. We never know what the day will bring, do we?