Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm the strayest dog you'll ever meet. ~ Daniel, @blindedpoet

I really need to go to bed.  I'm so blurry-eyed I can hardly see straight.  And I don't think I have my photo of the moon before sunrise aligned correctly on my page here.  It didn't want to cooperate and I'm too sleepy to really care.  Whatever.  There isn't any particular reason why I used this photo.  It doesn't illustrate anything I'm going to write about tonite.  I just like it...the dark velvety blueness of the sky.  I love the sky.  Sunrises, sunsets.  Stars.  Cloud formations.  The midwest sky is so vast I never tire of looking up at the clouds.  It can be raining in the east, sunny to the west, big puffy clouds to the south, wispy horse tails to the north.  All at the same time.  And the clouds billow...and billow...and billow....upwards.  Way upward.

I had what was, to me, a very interesting comment left from a reader on a blog entry the other day.  I'd written something about lurking on Facebook and she got brave enough to speak up and admitted lurking on my blog.  She said she hesitates to say anything to me on here because she's afraid she'll interrupt my flow of words.  That caused me to sit back in my chair for a moment when I read that.  And I thought on that for a while. of my favorite words.  To meditate or muse.  To ponder.  I do a lot of ruminating.  And that has stayed with me ever since I read it.  Just like a comment long ago from another reader who told me she thinks the reason very few ever comment on here is because I make people think.  I do?  Ha, if you only saw the contents in my head on any given day, I would think not.  But she said it, so it must be true. For her at least.

Writing is a strange undertaking.  Especially when you want someone to really get what you're writing about.  To have them understand what it is you're trying to say.  There is no body language involved.  No one can see you grimace or frown or smile or roll your eyes as you type words down.  They don't know if you're trying to be funny, or if you're dead serious because they can't see you.  So if you decide to write you have to come up with the words that will describe to them the emotions you're trying to convey.  That is not always easy.  I've mentioned before how sometimes I'll write something from the very bottom of my guts, something that has great meaning to me or has had a profound affect on me, and people will respond like "No big deal.  Have a nice day."  And other times I've written off the cuff, nothing major to me, and someone will tell me, "Oh, that touched my heart!  I can't tell you what that meant to me!"  And I'm left sitting here scratching my head and wondering, "What?!"

But one thing my blog is, totally and unequivocally, is me.  My family tells me it sounds exactly like me.  And I've told blog friends I've met that "What you read is who I am".  My style of writing, if you can call it a style, is sitting down here at my keyboard and just taking off with whatever is in my head.  Like tonite...I didn't know I was going to write about writing.  But that's what it's ended up being about.  And that's ok.
And now I really am heading to bed.  I've got a busy day running errands for Dear Hubby tomorrow.  I need my beauty sleep.  Desperately.


Donna said...

My cows ruminate. I think that's where the word comes from, the ruminants. They eat rapidly, then lie down, spit their food up and chew it well before swallowing for the final time. When we humans ruminate, we do the same thing with thoughts. Sometimes my blog actually helps me ruminate!
Am I even making sense? Probably not.

Debbie said...

Sometimes I think pondering can make the most interesting conversations, debates, and yes....even Blog entries. I thank you for being creative and loyal to your writing. Even though I have neglected my daily writing, I am grateful there are still those of you out there still blogging. Reading(or lurking on) my favorite people's blogs each morning is the best "Me Time" I have of each day. So, Thank You!!! Keep on
pondering and ruminating!!!!