Monday, December 12, 2011

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~ Roy L. Smith

This turned out kind of dark, probably because I took it with my Android phone late this evening and the cards are on the floor.  But I want to talk about Christmas cards.

I love Christmas cards.

These are the first ones that have arrived in the mail in the past few days.  From friends and family scattered far and wide.  Some with Christmas letters, some without.  I learned that Cousins Mark and Martha flew to New York City in October all the way from Woodlake, California, for their 25th wedding anniversary.  I heard of one friend whose husband built a new house for them that they moved into this year in British Columbia, Canada.  I heard from some dear neighbors in Portland who told us we have a package of surprise goodies coming to help us celebrate...probably some of her excellent Baklava!  A card with an oil painting of Mt. Hood a friend painted.  Another beautiful handmade card a new friend of mine here in Michigan made. Lots of photo cards with the smiling faces of those who are near and dear to us...separated by many miles but still so close to us in heart.

Christmas cards just make me feel...good.

I had mentioned to a friend on Facebook the other day that I've gone thru 4 or 5 books of stamps getting all of ours sent out this year.  In years past, at least for friends within our Portland church, we had pigeon holes set up in a hallway to put our Christmas cards in and it cut the cost by quite a margin.  But I don't have that luxury now...all my cards are stamped and addressed and sent out in the mail.  She said, "Why not send them by email?  Lots of people do that."  I thought about that for a moment and I said I guess I'm old-fashioned but I like getting them in the mail.  How it's so nice to open the mail box and find a bunch of cards tucked in with the junk mail and bills.  To hold them in my hands, read the messages, and appreciate the fact someone took the time to send one to us. 

I know it's a dying tradition.  Our lives are rife with dying traditions.  But as long as I have the ability to hand write and as long as I have your snail mail address...if you're someone near and dear to me, you're getting a Christmas card.

End of story.


Margaret said...

I so agree. This year I wasn't going to send out cards(especially the Christmas letter) because it's been a rough year. But then I figured that I needed to share that also! I love getting cards!!

missy moo said...

I totally agree Kris. There is nothing nicer than walking out to the letter box to find Christmas cards. I have to agree that our lives are so busy and emails are the easiest way to wish people christmas greetings - but it seems to lose its personal touch. I received yours the other day and it has taken its place on my bookcase with all the others. The other thing about our christmas traditions is that they are being phased out so that we don't offend anyone. It will always be Christmas to me, I will always wish people a happy Christmas and NOT happy holidays. Certain shopping centres here were told that they were not allowed to put up a Christmas tree or decorations - they are still putting up the decorations. Too many people are objecting to it and saying "enough is enough, it is our traditions and we arent changing"
My bucket list wish would be to have a white christmas in an old victorian home all done up in the traditional decorations. All the family together around the fire...... Probably never get it but nothing wrong with dreaming about it.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Kris, I have got a few shifts at midnight - so dont know if I will have time to be in touch over the next week or so.
Lotsa Luv
Missy Moo

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I so enjoy walking back from the mailbox with letters in hand. That someone has taken the time to address me personally. Course if they have printed out address labels and a printed letter in side, not as much fun. But still, I'll take what I can get.