Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bows and flows of angel hair...clouds ~ Joni Mitchell

I love the cloud formations here in the Midwest.  I'm constantly finding my eyes drawn upwards whenever I'm outside.  It seems like the sky here is so much more full of them, and quite often they're huge and billow way up high.  I also find it very intriguing how the sky can be cloudless and blue one moment, then filled with clouds within minutes.  And vice versa.  Is it because there are no mountains around so the sky is everywhere, not shut in by the Cascades on one side and the West Hills and Coastal Range on the other side, as it is in Portland?  With the climate difference and with Portland being in the Willamette Valley, so much of the cloud cover there is just a thick blanket that settles in over the valley and can stay for days, even weeks, on end.  In SE Michigan we can have a few cloudy days in a row, but then the sun will come back and stay.  I can not even begin to tell you how much it lightens my mood, seeing so much sun.  I can't imagine I have Vitamin D deficiency anymore, either.  At the end of June I was already more tan than I ever was after a summer in Oregon.  I am not trying to compare...just stating it as it is, having lived in both regions now.  Since we haven't had a "typical" Winter yet because this past one was so mild, I have no idea what to expect when we do have one.  But after living here almost a year and a half now I am pretty well acclimatized to the heat here in the summer.  I can understand now why the pace of life slows down a bit in these hot months.  And I drink tons and tons of liquid.  The key, I believe, is keeping well-hydrated.

I have taken a lot of photos of clouds since living here.  I never dreamt so far inland from either the Pacific or the Atlantic oceans would provide pretty sunrises or sunsets, depending on which coast a person is on.  But I have found both to be beautiful here as well.  The photo I have posted above was taken back in March when Dear Hubby and I were coming from Chicago.  As we travelled eastward towards home the sky kept getting more and more ominous and about the time we hit the interchange to head towards Ann Arbor the sky opened up and we were in the most severe thunder storm we had experienced in the time we've been here.  It rained so hard many of us pulled off on the nearest exits and parked.  No matter how fast the windshield wipers swished back and forth they couldn't keep up with it.  And hail the size of marbles was pouring down on us.  Dear Hubby pointed out a cloud formation and said, "You know, that almost looks like a funnel cloud!"  Little did we know that it was.  We were just on the southern border of the cell that devastated a good portion of the little town of Dexter.  These clouds here were the aftermath, the sun starting to shine thru. 

The silver lining.  Breath-taking beauty after the storm.

I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.

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Anita said...

I love clouds, too! When I saw it mentioned, I told myself to read one more of Kris's posts. :)

I can stare at those white puffs against a perfect blue sky all day. And I have several on my camera's SD card, too.

Your comparison of Michigan and Oregon was interesting. I never thought about Oregon being nested in hills and lacking in sun. I've gotta have my sun! So, you've educated me in this post, too.

Oh, try to stay away from funnel clouds. :)