Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If I Could Begin Again.......

I read this on my friend Pat's blog.  I've read it before and I'm so glad she posted it so I can share it.  It's beautiful...beautiful!  And it has inspired me to make my own list:

I would have savored every moment of the wonder of childhood even more than I did.

I would have spent less time festering with anger and resentment over things beyond my control during my teen years.

I would have spent more time daydreaming.

I would have cried more often and not squelched it all deep inside because of the echoes of  "It's sissy to cry!  Be tough!" rattling around in my head.

I would have been kinder to people.

I would have listened more closely.

I would have prayed more.

I would have tried to understand my parents more.

I would have forgiven more, and much more quickly.

I would have hugged...and hugged...and hugged...some more.

I would have told those who are gone now how much I loved them...and more often.

I would have given more.

I would have felt less guilty about accepting more.

I would have shared more.

I would've opened up more and not been so afraid of rejection.

I would have looked up more.

I would have seen more.

If I'd known how, I would've found the Lord much sooner.  Then maybe....

I would have loved myself more.


CWMartin said...

At least I had the daydreaming covered...

Pat said...

This is an awesome list, I especially love the last line. I think this would be a wonderful exercise for each of us to write...what we'd do over so we can be more thankful and aware of great things often over looked in life.