Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat, ma'am! it was so dreadful here, that I found there was nothing left for it but to take off my flesh and sit in my bones. ~ Sydney Smith from "Lady Holland's Memoir"

The sticky-icky days of summer are upon us here in southeastern Michigan.  Temperatures are in the 90s and humidity is so high it fogs the windows from the outside, especially after last evening's torrential downpour and thunder & lightning show.  The only relief came from the temperature quickly dropping 11 degrees but all the rain made the air feel that much more soupy.  I am without a car during the day while our van is in the shop being repaired so I took a 2-block walk to a market down the street around 9:30 this morning and the air had an almost physical quality to it, like breathing in water there is so much vapor.  When I got home I felt I needed to check behind my ears to see if I'd grown gills!

Late last summer/early fall we purchased a 14-ft. boat to fish in and we've been enjoying it so much this year already!  Dear Hubby and I have been out fishing a couple of times by ourselves, and he's also taken our son and grandsons.  There is a beautiful lake about 50 miles from where we live near Holly, Michigan, called Heron Lake and we've grown to love it so much it's where we head out to.  The waters are teeming with fish and almost every cast we get fish on, which excites the boys to no end.  This past Saturday we went out there to fish with the boys, then had a picnic onshore afterwards and the boys went swimming.  It was warm but not very humid...a perfect day.

On Thursday afternoon Dear Hubby and I were sitting in our living room and we heard a tremendous crash outside.  We hurried out to find nothing amiss on the street...what could have made that noise?  I said to him, "Maybe something's crashed on the other side of the vehicles!" and as I peered around the corner into the driveway, sure enough.  There was a car between our vehicles and the house next to us, all the way back to the neighbors' fence, which is what finally brought it to a halt.  Inside the car was our 91-year-old neighbor Bob from across the street.  He'd been backing out of his driveway and confused the brake and accelerator so instead of stepping on the brake, he floor-boarded the accelerator and shot backwards across the street into our driveway and the neighbors' side yard.  In the process, he completely wiped out the driver's side of our Dodge Grand Caravan to the tune of over $6000 in damages.  I checked him first of all to make sure he was ok and he was stunned and in shock...he wasn't even aware he'd hit our vehicle.  Dear Hubby guided him out but instead of driving over into his driveway, he turned and went down the street!  Half an hour later he pulled into his driveway...he'd gone on to the store to buy some milk, which is what he'd been heading out to do in the first place!  The police came and we told him he was so shook up from the collision we knew he wasn't intentionally leaving an accident scene.  When one of Bob's sons arrived, the police said they'd have to revoke Bob's license right then because he was now considered too dangerous to be on the road.  Dear Hubby had just been out there mowing....if he'd hit just a foot or two closer to his passenger side, Bob would've smashed into the corner of the neighbors' house where their little twins' bedroom is.  If the fence hadn't stopped his backward propulsion, he would've slammed right into their sandbox.  It could have been so much worse that what it was, but thankfully no one was hurt.  Bob had been driving since he was 14 back in Kentucky in 1935.  He'd never had any type of traffic accident or incident in all those years.  My heart went out to him because that was something he was so proud of, and it's a shame his driving career had to end on such a sad note.  Now we're just waiting on getting our van back in a couple of weeks, trying to get his insurance to give the ok for a rental car.  In the meantime, I sit here.


CWMartin said...

At least you GOT the rain...

That is sad about your neighbor. Sad that the mind can drop to a single track of thought as you get older. In his shaken up state, he might have been killed on the way to the store. Hope they can keep in his mind (once they take his licence) that he doesn't have one anymore.

Margaret said...

So glad that no one was hurt! (but it must be hard for Bob to give up his independence) Our PacNW weather has been nearly perfect, although today was a bit humid. (mid 80s though)

Anita said...

Like you, Kriss, further south of you, we've got the heat and humidity. Thank God for air conditioning!

What a story about Bob and the accident! I hope he'll adjust to being without a vehicle and that life will be good for him as a 91 year old. Thank God again, that you and your family, Bob, and the neighbors were not hurt.

I'll bet that whole incident left your mouth hanging wide open. :)