Thursday, October 10, 2013

Isn't this a cool photo?  I took this of Dear Hubby when we were out on a lake not long ago at sunrise.  Fishing is something I've loved to do from the time I was a very little girl.  A lake on the edges of my hometown used to have a fishing derby every year on opening day of trout season, and I loved to go.  Since moving to Michigan we've bought a boat and we've been out several times on this particular lake.  So far we've caught a couple of big mouth bass, a couple of catfish, and about a bazillion blue gill!  It's so peaceful and relaxing.  And yes, I do bait my own hooks!  And I catch and release them, too.  Slimy stuff has never bothered me.  It's the tomboy coming out in me.

Oh my poor little ignored blog.  How many times I've come to it and just sat here staring at the blank 'page'.  I don't know where I lost my groove but I'm determined to find it again.  I think Facebook has been my main distractor but I'm finding I feel like too much of a motor mouth and I'm not fulfilled with putting bits and pieces out there.  I'm finding I miss just rambling on like I used to on here.  This was my first love before I ever even heard of Facebook, and even tho I no longer take care of my little grandboys on a daily basis, I can still chronicle the events in our lives.  It's just...different than it used to be.  And that doesn't mean it's any less.  It's just been another life adjustment, another phase of life to ease in to.

I have to admit that since we've moved to Michigan I'm astounded at how little people from here know about Oregon.  I had another one of those "Where in the world is Oregon?" moments with someone today, a lady I met up with when I was out and about. When I said I was originally from Portland she said, "Oh, I bet you're glad you're here now! It snows a lot more in Portland, doesn't it?" I said, "Well, nooooooooo. It snows a lot in the mountains, tho. It RAINS a lot in Portland." I could tell she was thinking hard! She asked, "Isn't it near Salt Lake City?" I said, "Noooooo....Oregon is on the West Coast along the Pacific Ocean." "Ohhhhhhh!" she says. "I hear the pollution is terrible there!"  She was just a tad bit clueless, don't you think?  It gave me my first good chuckle of the day.

Halloween is coming upon us quickly...Midwesterners really get into the festiveness of it, the harvest aspect.  All up and down our street, people have pumpkins and Autumn flowers and jack o' lantern lights and corn stalks adorning their front porches.  Oh, and the trees!!  They contribute the glorious colors above!  One thing we love is many of the state parks here have "Halloween Weekends" for families who camp at the end of the season.  Our son and daughter-in-law have taken our two grandsons every Halloween we've lived here to a park about 50 miles from where we live.  They urge the campers to decorate their campsites.  There are hay rides for $1, all kinds of activities for children, and trick or treating thruout the whole campground late in the afternoon on Saturday.  They're going again this weekend and Dear Hubby and I are going there for the day.  Our daughter-in-law is going to have a big pot of homemade chili for dinner around the camp fire.  I can't think of a more "Halloween-y" way to spend it, and it's supposed to be a gorgeous Fall day as well.  One thing I do love about Michigan is when the weather forecaster says it'll be nice on the weekend, 99% of the time he's right!

Well, I took a quick break from getting my flowerbeds cleaned out and settled for the Winter.  I even dug up a huge -- well, huge for me, anyway -- stump out of the front flowerbed.  I had planted a Russian Sage there when we moved in 2 1/2 years ago and it's ended up being something Dear Hubby is very allergic to.  I'd cut back the zillions of blossoms a month or two ago with the intentions of digging it up...and now that time has come.  I can't believe how much it had grown from the original plant I put in there!  But I got it out of there!  I feel like Helen Reddy singing "I am Woman!  Hear me roar!"



Anita said...

Yes, that is a cool picture. :) The sun gives it a happy feel and your husband looks almost like a silhouette.

It's funny how life changes; how our interests and certain feelings can be replaced with other things. I've gotten to the point in life where I never say never. Well, on some things I do. :)

You still sound peaceful and relaxed. Michigan has been good for you and your family.

By the way, IIII... know where Oregon is - always have. lol

CWMartin said...

Your Portland story reminded me of my first year in college. In astronomy class the teacher was explaining that when it's summer in the northern hemisphere, it's winter in the south. A middle aged woman stood up and said, "But I thought it was summer down there all year 'round!" SMH

Rosemary Nickerson said...

I'm listening to your roar! I planted my tulip bulbs this afternoon, looking forward to the blossoms next spring. Our kids from Alberta will be visiting us this weekend. Hubby and I plan to take them to the Pumpkin Farm to play on Saturday. It's a VERY BIG DEAL. haha, Happy Thanksgiving (Canadian this week).

LC said...

I can't believe it has been two and a half years! i am not on FB a lot and have missed your chronicles and observations. i love how you focus on the good things about your adopted region that is the setting for this phase of your life.

Judy Susan said...

My late husband was from Michigan. I miss visiting there every year. I love your picture of the lake.

Suburbia said...

Great to see you hear Kris! Great fishing shot :)

Margaret said...

I'm doing my flower beds in stages; it's getting cold enough at night now though that I'm going to need to do some major plant pulling. :( I am ALWAYS having to clarify to people who aren't from the West coast that I'm from Washington State, not DC. Quite a huge difference!