Monday, February 18, 2008

Grab a cup of tea or coffee...this one's a looooooong one

Well, where shall I wander to this evening in my ramblings? I guess I'll start off by saying we're lucky to have Little Miss Chloe dog with us still. For a small dog she has a voracious appetite and is always sneaking around grabbing food out of Dylan's hand or off plates. If something falls on your shirt or lap she's there to whiffle it up quicker than you can think to pick it up. A true food addict. Our daughter is notorious for leaving glasses or dishes in her room and Chloe dog is very stealthy about sneaking in there to see what she can find. Most of the time Kaitlin's doors are shut tight but every now and then we forget or they may not be latched tightly and Chloe will get in there. Trouble is, we always find her because once she gets in there the door will drift close enough to being shut where she can't get out! The way we discover she's even in there is she'll give these low, deep-throated and very guilty little 'woofs' when she wants to come out but realizes that she's stuck and needs help. When I open the door she slinks out of there and slithers away with her tail down...she knows she's been naughty. Yesterday I'd cooked one of those boneless turkey roasts that's wrapped in a string net to hold it together...very succulent and tasty and a great meal for Sunday after church because I can stick it in the oven and it's done when I get home. As I was preparing dinner and while we were eating, Chloe was constantly underfoot, hoping for a bite or that something would be dropped but poultry is one food she has a hard time digesting and, for the most part, we limit her to her regular dog food. I'd taken the turkey roast out of its net and disposed of the net in the garbage under the sink and I thought I'd shut the cupboard door securely. After we'd eaten and I was sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee I realized Chloe was nowhere in sight...not a good sign around a meal time. So I wandered off in to the kitchen to see what she might be up to and it was a good thing I did! The little stinker had gotten into the garbage under the sink and pulled the net out of it. By the time I found her, she'd swallowed most of it and only the tail end of it was protruding from her mouth! And she was half-choked to death...the net was almost as long as her entire body is! I had to fight her to get a grip on the little bit of net that was still there, she was so determined to consume it, and I had to give it a good, stiff yank to dislodge it from her throat and part of her belly! I didn't know whether to wring her neck or smother her in kisses! But was she thankful I'd saved her life? Oh, nooooooooooooooooooo. She slinked off in a bit of a temper because I'd taken the tasty net away from her. Ha!

Our two children grew up without television in our house until our daughter was around the age of 12, our son around 10. Entertainment for them came in the form of albums/tapes of music, tons of toys, and books...lots and lots of books. I wish I had a dollar for every book I read to them thru the years. I wouldn't be a millionaire but I'd certainly be a thousandaire if there is such a thing! A thousandaire many times over I'm sure. We went for lots of walks. We spent a lot of time outdoors. Then, when we moved to this neighborhood when they were 4 and 6, there were many kids for them to play with. They had exposure to TV at their friends' houses and also at their grandparents' but we chose not to have TV and I have never regretted that decision. When I was a child, we had TV but I don't remember watching a lot of it. Most of my time was spent outside playing or I was reading. I never felt like I lacked in anything not spending half my life in front of a TV. Well, now I have my little grandson. And we do have a TV in our home. I am very careful, very selective, about what I let him watch but I am amazed at how much he's learning watching some of these children's shows, especially the ones on PBS. His huge favorite is "Super Why" and I have 18 episodes of it recorded and protected on our DVR and I let him watch them whenever he wants to. He is not even 2 years old yet and he's already beginning to realize there are letters and numbers in this world and each one has a name and a meaning. He loves the letter "W" and the letter "B" and he can look at a page of a book anf find and point out both of them to us, all on his own. He knows he's going to be 2 on his birthday next month and he recognizes the magnetic number "2" that I have stuck on the side of my stove along with other alphabet letters and numbers. That really impresses me. And I know most of this comes from watching "Super Why". I have to commend the creators of it for making learning so fun and so simple, so entertaining. When an episode of it is playing, Dylan is so totally absorbed in it, so enthralled, he's oblivious to the world around him. And you can just see him soaking it all in, the wheels of his little mind whirling. If you're a grandparent or a parent of a little one, it's one program I highly recommend.

People are so hard to figure out, aren't they? I've posted in the not-too-distant past about stepping out of my comfort zone and being friendly to newcomers at my church. One lady I've been talking to is one who I feel I could be good friends with if I was given the opportunity. But the last time we talked she told me she and her husband have been so badly hurt at churches in the past they prefer to keep to themselves and not let themselves be open to any more hurt feelings. I know exactly what she was talking about. But I have felt funny about approaching her ever since then. Did she mean she was not open to being friendly to me as well? Was she letting me know in a nice way that they really do prefer sticking to themselves? To butt out? Hmmmmmmmm.

If I was a believer in astrological signs, I'd say I have more of the tendencies of a Gemini than I do of a Capricorn. Twins. Mirror images. Well, when I was born I was supposed to have had a fraternal twin...there was another placenta but the fetus had died early in development. I have such a -- conflicting -- personality. I really do. I've had many people tell me thru my lifetime so far that I'm one of the nicest people they've ever met. They love me. And yet I have very few close personal friends. Lots and lots of acquaintances, yes. I'm the type of person who, if I want to go out to lunch with someone, say, I'm the one who has to do the approaching and inviting. And whoever I ask is always so glad I asked! But they never ask me in return. Well, very rarely, anyway. I asked my daughter once, "What is it about me that makes people hesitant about being close to me as friends?" She thought it over for a moment and said, "Because you give off this aura of being very self-contained, very happy, in your own company. You don't give off the feeling that you really want or need people to be close to you." One thing about asking my daughter her thoughts on something...don't do it unless you want a really honest answer! Well, I certainly got one that day. And I've thought about what she said. And I think she's got me pretty well-pegged. I love the friends I do have and I love the time I spend with them. But I am very self-contained. And I'm not a 'joiner'. And I'm not good with crowds. I love a relaxed one-on-one visit with a friend...full of conversation about all kinds of things. I don't 'do' gossip. I don't care much for silly, idle chitchat. I am not good with chitchat. I am not a telephone talker. I guess I am very happy in my own company for the most part. But every now and then, when I see a group of women friends having a meal together in a restaurant, I get almost envious in a way. I feel left out. A little lonely. Even if I don't have a clue who they are! Or a commercial on TV where women or family members are gathered together for a big holiday celebration and they all seem to care for, to love, each other a lot. I sometimes wonder if there's some kind of a 'social' link that's been left out of my genetic gene pool somewhere along the line. If this is learned behavior or if it's inbred. I don't know. All I do know is when I see it I know I'm no part of it. And I don't have a clue how to become part of it.


Bridget Locke said...

Here's hoping I didn't hurt you when I gave you that answer. It's never my intention to do so. :)

And in a lot of ways I'm the same way. I have some great friends that I love to hang out with, but the time I spend with them is very often months apart. I don't mind that, but sometimes I think I'm too good at being on my own.

I'd be perfectly content if I never had to deal with a person face-to-face ever again. I'm thinking 99% of that has to do with my job though. After dealing with stupid people all day, I can't handle it much when I don't HAVE to. :)

Judy said...

Oh, I can SO relate to this.

All of it.

HORIZON said...

Little Miss Chloe sounds like she has even more ‘suck’ than a dyson-lol. Do you rent her out? The story about Sunday dinner is so familiar- our Border Collie was notorious for eating everything in sight and the net would have gone down a treat for him too- you can’t win sometimes for loosing-lol.
Your wee Dylan is coming on leaps and bounds. Reminds me of Sam. I remember Sam at the age of two carrying a video (without case or picture) to me and asking if l’d put on ‘101 Dalmations’. The tape was the 101 Dalmations! So, l got out more black tapes and he was able to tell me, by recognising the shapes of the letters, what ones they were- l’d say over 80% of them!! I was utterly blown away. It’s amazing what these little guys are learning and taking in even when we are not aware. Please give him a hug from me and Sam.
As l’ve told you before Kris- l’m not a ‘joiner’ either. Have had the similar pangs when l’ve seen women gathered for a night or afternoon out. I start to ask myself why l keep myself to myself- will note now not to ask daughter-lol. Out of all the people l’ve met online you are the one l feel the most like. I can see myself in you- bare feet and all! I think that most people are attracted to bloggers they can relate too. You speak from the heart and l hear you.
Love the new look- my other blog is all black but l prefer your pic! Love the quotes and am happy to be visiting again.
Sorry l was out of touch for so long dear friend. Thanks for you kind words.
Hugs and bests

Anonymous said...

It is hard to know what to think of some comments people make to us! And I think we live in an increasingly "alone" kind of society. It is not easy to find others of like minds, enough anyway to have a close relationship with. But sometimes the FATHER brings us into contact with others...HE has done that for us here. In our 35+ years of marriage, the last 4 years are the first time we have had 3 couples to be with, worship with, go places with. Yet, I we may only see them at Bible study some weeks. But we have grown kids and now with less energy...somehow it seems ok. I have had some friends that were so nice to everyone, they left me not feeling special...though they were so good to me, I could not tell if any closer relationship was wanted. I guess we have to kind of stick our neck out...and we may get hurt in the process, but seems necessary at times, in order to find those we can be close to. I wish you the best in finding some folks of like mind who live close enough that more of a relationship develops. I have read that you cannot keep more than 5 close friendships going...and I think it is true.