Sunday, March 30, 2008

At Peace

Several people have asked me in the past few days if I'm afraid, knowing I'll be facing surgery in a week's time. I can say in all honesty that I'm not. The day I'd had my second hemorrhage and was waiting in the exam room for the doctor to come back after setting up the procedure room, Dear Hubby was with me and I spoke out, "Lord, give me the grace to face whatever is ahead of me." A deep sense of peace came down and settled in my heart and it has stayed with me since that moment.

As Dear Hubby and I sat together in church tonite, our Ladies' Choir sang a beautiful song by Christina Hamilton called "Grace Alone". In the first Bible I owned after becoming a Christian, I wrote by the word 'grace' as I read it one day. A day, when for whatever reason, the true meaning of grace literally touched my heart. I wrote: "God's unmerited favor." Did I really know what that meant when I jotted that down? No. I was too new, too ignorant to understand so much of what God's Word meant. But I looked up the meaning and this is what it says..."the freely given, unmerited favor, and love of God." Freely given. Unmerited favor means "not deserved; excessive kindness." I do not deserve His grace. He's not obligated to give it to me. But He has. He does. Because He loves me.

And as I do a lot of soul searching, a lot of talking with God these days...well, this song really spoke to my heart tonite, especially these words:

Grace Alone
Which God supplies
Strength unknown
He will provide
Christ in us
Our Cornerstone
We will go forth
In grace alone

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HORIZON said...

This post really spoke to me Kris.