Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a Menopausal Mama, musing...

There is one of those memes going around that started here and it looks like such a good one to take part in. But I know in a couple more weeks I'm going to be back to babysitting full time again, taking care of 2-year-old Dylan and 2-month-old Cooper. Keeping up on a weekly link-related meme will be too much for me. I also know that a website called Twitter is getting a lot of attention, too, and I wouldn't have time to keep up with that, either. So maybe I'll create my own kind of a Twitter Meme that I'll do on as regular a basis as I can manage. I don't work good under pressure so when the mood strikes me, I'll do one. Well, the mood has struck:

As I sit by my window...I see our neighbor Tom mowing his lawn and the limbs of the Japanese Privet dancing in the breeze.
Today I'm grateful for...enough money in the bank to pay cash for a new dryer.
I hear...lots of bird song and the deep rumble of our neighbor Scotty's Harley Davidson as he passes by on the street.
I go to the appliance store tomorrow and buy a new dryer.
I's important to be positive, especially when things happen that are beyond our control.
I spend...a lot of time out walking little Chloe dog.
I get outside tomorrow to plant a fern and an azalea I received as gifts for Mother's Day.
I take...each day as it comes.
I enjoy...meeting and greeting people as I'm out walking.
I love...letting my light shine.
I miss...the endlessness of the summer days of my childhood.
I feel...very relaxed and happy at the moment.
I touch...the silkiness of Chloe dog's fur.
I ache...when I see child abuse stories on the news.
I dislike...petty people.
I admire...selfless giving.
I seek...even more inner peace.
I be a good role model for my grandchildren.
I look forward to...celebrating Dear Hubby's birthday this weekend.
Today was...filled with waiting for the repair guy to arrive, only to find out it will be cheaper to buy a dryer than to fix the one we have.
Typical !

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Suburbia said...

That was a lovely read. I hope you will still get time to blog in the future.