Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Well, actually, he already left on a jet plane, on Sunday. Dear Hubby flew back to Kansas City to drive a new company truck out here from the corporate offices of the company he works for. He called yesterday afternoon from a town called Limon, Colorado, so he got quite a few miles under his belt on his first day out on the road. I'm not sure what route he's following this time. Last time he drove into Denver and said he'll never go that way again so I think he'll be turning North some time soon. He's expecting to be home either late Thursday or by Friday morning at the latest as long as everything goes well. When he called me yesterday morning he was in the middle of a Midwest thunder storm. He said he's never seen rain beat down so hard in his life. He called a little while ago and is in another small town in Wyoming, only a few miles from the Utah border. He's ready to pack up and move there...no one bothers to lock up anything. Stuff that would be ripped off here in Portland in a second is lying around in people's yards. This is the third time he's done this drive and it always feels so surreal for me to talk to him, knowing he's traveling across half the country like this. I'm such a lousy traveler. I get carsick like you can't believe. The last time I flew was in 1974, just before we got married. Back when you got a meal on a plane. Free pop. Pillows. No security checks. No worries, outside of hoping you didn't crash between take off and touch down.

I am really tired this week. I've gone on two long walks pushing the double stroller and even tho I feel I have the strength to do it, almost 4 months post-operatively, it still takes its toll. But yesterday was especially gorgeous and Dylan was just aching to get out. So was I, really. I've always loved the outdoors so much and once our rains settle in for months on end around October, it's a loooooooong haul before the sun shines much. Even so, I still get out and walk. Unless it's pouring down rain or icy, the fresh air and change of scenery is good for all of us. Physically and mentally for me. Dylan just loves sitting up front and pointing out everything he sees, peering back around the hood to make sure I'm checking it all out, too. Satisfied, he'll turn back to face front until something else captures his interest. It won't be long and Cooper will be adding his two cents' worth in, too.

I am really tired this week. Did I say that already? I taped a bunch of stuff on the DVR, thinking I'd watch it in the evening while Dear Hubby's gone. I'm lucky to post an entry! And then it's potty time for Chloe and bedtime for us two old girls. I've noticed since her last haircut just how much the black in her coat is threaded with white now, and she's getting a little grizzled around the snout. No, no, no...she can't get old. It isn't allowed.

Oh well. I am tired. And I am headed for bed. I made a small pot of coffee and forgot all about it. I think I'll just leave it and microwave a cup in the morning. I am that tired.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

A trip well traveled is better than arriving.

Jane Doh ! said...

I am so ready for a major road trip....can't afford one just yet though.Sounds completely silly but my favorite part of traveling is always coming home...lol. I wish dear Hubby a safe return Kris. Happy Wednesday.