Thursday, October 30, 2008

A is for Apple

The grandbabies have been with us until 5 or so every evening since Dylan arrived back in town. Mostly 11 hour days, so my computer time's been next to nothing this week. My d-i-l is taking tomorrow off, tho, so I put on the headphones and I'm listening to CDs and I'm determined to write something...anything!...tonite. Dear Hubby has worked early shifts for the past 25 or so years so if I ever wanted to spend any time with him I had to readjust my schedule to his. This means the two of us are usually in bed before 7:30 and sometimes even before 7. We're up long before the birds are. Quite often several hours before sunrise, at least in the winter time. Before I began taking care of my grandsons I used to get up around 4 in the morning and go down in the basement and ride my exercise bike for an hour. I put close to 10,000 miles on my first bike before the pedals fell off one morning. I put several more thousand on the next bike. But once I began caring for the little guys I found I got plenty of exercise just keeping up with them. And I began getting out for my marathon walks with the strollers. I didn't have the energy for the bike and all the walking. The walking benefits all of us...the excercise for me, the fresh air and change of scenery for all of us. It was a no-brainer as to which one I'd choose.

Did I tell you that my surgeon told me he Super Glue'd me back together after my gall bladder surgery? "Just kidding!" he told me, but it is some kind of a gluey substance that 'breathes' and allows more air to the wounds so they heal faster. It sure is a big improvement over the 33 stitches I had from a C-section when I gave birth to my 12-pound son 30 years ago.

Because I'm tired and I'm afraid to let my fingers type while my mind wanders because I have no clue where I'm headed, I think I'll copy something Blogstalker did recently...the Alphabet! Here's mine:

A is for Anonymity. I don't mind getting lost in the crowd.

B is for Benevolence. I try to practice it.

C is for Charity. I try to practice it, too, especially in the Biblical sense.

D is for Discipline. I am a very disciplined person.

E is for Energy, something I miss when I don't have it. I'm glad mine's coming back.

F is for Family. Need I say more?

G is for Grandbabies. The joy of my life.

H is for Husband. I have the best.

I is for Individuality. I am that...just ask anyone who knows me.

J is for Joy. I have a lot of that.

K is for Kristine. I'm so glad my mom didn't name me Christine, just because I like being a little bit different. Just like my left-handedness. There are only 10% of us lefties in the world.

L is for Love. I am blessed with a lot of that, both giving and receiving.

M is for Marriage. It's a dying institution but I'm happy mine is still thriving.

N is for Night. I love nite time.

O is for Openness. I don't like deceit and secrets.

P is for Prayer. I believe in it with my whole heart.

Q is for Quiet. I don't get enough of it any more.

R is for Real. I am very, very real.

S is for Solitude. I don't get enough of that any more, either.

T is for Trust. I am very trustworthy.

U is for Unique. I am that, too.

V is for Vision. I try to keep focused on getting to heaven some day.

W is for Wisdom. I wish I had more of that.

X is for Xrays. Medicine has been very important to me these past couple of years.

Y is for Yielding. I try to compromise whenever I can.

Z if for Zen. My garden and my writing are my zen times. I don't get enough of them, either.

One thing about extra days off, I have a big list of "to do" stuff in the morning. Dear Hubby has to start work at 5 and I was going to ask him to get me up before he leaves for work...but sleeping in a bit was too tempting. So...I think I'll get started on sweet dreams now. Crawling into an already-warm bed snuggled up with him and little Chloe dog is just too tempting, too.


Jane Doh ! said...

My Father and Brother are both lefties....I think lefties are special people ; )

You will be proud of me Miss Kris...I ate Antelope for the second time in a week, It is soooo good!! I'm almost ready to go live wild in the mountains with a few years supply of salt and pepper...LOL. No kids allowed! haha!

Have a great Halloween and weekend :):):)

Blog Stalker said...

Absolutely GREAT list! And you used every letter, nice job. Your answers were short and simple and yet showed a lot about you, I really liked doing mine, hope you had fun thinking of yourself in introspec.

Have a great day!

Greta said...

I'm married to a lefty born on Friday the 13th!
Good thing we're not superstitious!