Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lunch with the Boys

My daughter-in-law called me mid-morning and asked if I'd like to go out to lunch with her and the boys. Since Dear Hubby and our son had taken off early this morning for Seattle to go to a Seahawks game, I said sure, I'd love to go. She picked me up and we took the boys to Burger King. Dylan loves Burger King. He's a french fries fanatic. Cooper's pop a bottle in his mouth and he's content. For the most part, anyway. He and Dylan have had colds since Thursday and Cooper's is still snuffly enough where he's not the world's most happy camper. But he was quiet and allowed Mama to eat. We had a very nice time.

It's a beautiful day here, cold and clear. The only downfall is the fact that, at this time of year, the east wind is blowing down upon us from the Columbia River gorge. That's what keeps some of the late fall and winter storms out to sea and those winds are freezing. Like getting down in to the marrow of your bones freezing. I mentioned to DIL that it'd be a lovely day to take the boys for a walk after eating if the wind wasn't blowing. She told me any time I want to go some place with the boys, I'm welcome to use their vehicle with the boys' car seats in it but after I thanked her for offering, I told her I actually prefer getting out and walking. The fresh air and change of scenery are good for all of us and I have the boys so bundled up I don't think they get cold. Cooper's got a fleece-lined snowsuit and I tuck him in with blankets. Dylan sits in the front seat and I think so far he's been fine - but we haven't had any frigid temperatures yet to test him out. Every time I ask, "Are you warm enough?", he tells me "Uh-huh." Yesterday I did some shopping at Walmart and bought him a heavy fleece-lined jacket and a pair of fleece pants that are a couple sizes larger than he is. I figured I could slip them up over his other pants or jeans to give him an extra layer of warmth. When we stopped at Walgreen's the other day to pick up my prescription I saw a big display of mittens and gloves and got inspired to offer him a pair. He likes to keep his hands tucked in his coat pockets when he's riding in the stroller, but I'd been thinking about buying him a pair of gloves to cover them for extra warmth, too. Knowing my grandson like I do I asked him, "Would you like a pair of gloves?" as we stopped at the display. I said, "You can have whatever ones you want. You pick them." So he sat and looked them over and then pointed at a wildly colorful pair that even had glittery thread sewed in for extra glitz. I bought them. I knew if I did the picking and tried to get him to wear them, ...fuhgeddaboutit. He would never allow it. He is definitely his own 'man' and likes to make his own decisions. But that's how they learn, one little decision at a time. And he has worn them...with absolutely no fuss....ever since.

Oh, if I'd only known at 24 what I know at 54! Getting thru the toddler years would've been SO much easier.


Lynette said...

Truer words were never spoke than yours about knowing what you know now then and raising children! It always amazes me that my two turned out so well since I was continually learning on the job, especially after my dear husband died when they were 7 and 4. It was cold and sunny here today, wasn't it? Mama taught me to play Hand and Foot and we played until our bottoms called out for different seats!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Portland Oregon Daily Photo, too!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Isn't that true! However, every mom DOES learn on the job I suppose!