Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Written by MissKris on February 25th, 2009
as I gaze out
I can't see beyond
what is inside
my head.
I get so overwhelmed
with the busyness
of my life
I forget what peaceful moments
of mindless inertia,
of inner bliss
feels like.
I get caught up in the spokes
of wire wheels
of too many distractions.
I am fearful
of what
I don't know
but I can feel myself
in the cracks
of the


Donna said...

Me too.

Lynette said...

While I thoroughly understand, or at least I believe I do, where this has come from, let me say that anyone who loves life and her family the way you do is not in danger of disappearing anywhere. You've just got to find the precious moments to nurture yourself.

That's so neat about your daughter and the bus stop!

danielle said...

Oh my I love that poem...of course I know that you are quite talented in the writing department. I wish that you lived next door and we could be reading 'Simple Abundance' together...I think it would help with what you are going is really helping me to 'excavate' the 'authentic' me....I plan on writing about what I have learned from the book through February in the next day or to. Keeping you in my prayers.

4evergapeach said...

Beautiful writing. There are times I feel that way too, then I remember all the blessings in my life and things start to look up again. Take God's hand and he'll lead you to that peace and calm all your fears.