Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today my older grandson Dylan stopped me in my tracks with a question. As he and Cooper and I stopped on the sidewalk across from a construction site where two houses are being built he asked me, "Meez (me) and Mommy (grandma) build big house?"
"You and Grandma?"
"You mean someday?"
Without thinking about it I said, "Well, when you grow up to be a man you might build a house someday."
"Meez and Mommy?" he asked again.
That stopped me cold. In 20 years my grandson will be 23. I'll be 75.
"No, baby. Just you. Because grandma will be an old lady."
And the sobering thought is yes, in 20 years I will be one.
20 years.


Betty said...

Yeah.!! Don´t go there! Me too!!

Suburbia said...

Scary how time flies isn't it? Lovely that he wants to do that with you, treasured moments indeed :)