Sunday, October 18, 2009

From your beloved Papa...

(Painting by Elizabeth Daggett Ganji)

This is from your grandfather and I wouldn't let him get away with saying, "I can't do something like this." I told him 'Yes, you CAN!"
He's quite the poet, don't you think?

Where I'm From

I am from playing Army, from 5-cent Milky Ways and my Rifleman rifle.
I am from the sense of security of hearing Dad early in the morning and coffee perking on the stove.
I am from the smell of fresh cut grass in the Spring, the scent of sage and juniper on the Deschutes.
I am from Christmas morning, from running to hide when the doorbell rang, from Ginny, Agnes and Jule,
and Carl and Mathilda.
I am from the sarcastic tongue and hard workers.
From "Be early" and "Be a man of your word."
I am from a love of Biblical truth and the search to find it.
I am from Stumptown, from garden spinach and Grandma's homemade chicken soup.
I am from Dad setting the curtains on fire the day of the Columbus Day storm, camping at Warm Springs, and salmon fishing in the spring.
I am from "Duk-a-Luk", Dad's guns, Grandma's bear claws, the thrill of my first shotgun, generations of outdoorsmen, and the farm on the hill where my mother was born.


Donna said...

Great job!

Betty said...

Great poet, indeed! Awesome!