Monday, October 19, 2009

Great-Aunt Susi shares her beginnings...

Aunt Susi...well, if ever there was a person born on this earth with a generous heart, it's her. When I came in to their family she was on the brink of becoming a teenager. From the moment I met her, I sensed such an innate sweetness within her that has stayed with her, been a part of her, all these years. She's a petite fireball, too, who's managed to keep three sons in line and watched them grow in to three fine young men. I don't think she has a clue how much she is loved and appreciated. Here is her version:

Where I'm From

I am from shag haircuts, bell bottoms and clip on earrings, from Tab and Jolly Ranchers.
I am from the old gray house with sparkle siding, from plastic living room curtains, from Lassie and Gunsmoke and a playroom with two of every toy.
I am from the rhododendrons blocking my bedroom window, the fallen pine needles, a weedless garden and a pumpkin patch like no other. I am from the smell of sagebrush of camping trips that I still yearn for today.
I am from Christmas shopping with my precious dad, embroidering with my darling mother and sister in deer camp, from big brown eyes, small bones and very few wrinkles. From "Russ" and "Tillie", my loving siblings and too many aunts and uncles that I miss beyond words. I'm from grandparents I would have loved to have known.
I am from shopping with Mom every Saturday and dancing with Dad when we got home. From quick wit and a somewhat sick sense of humor.
From "This is only temporary", "It'll all come out in the wash" and "If two dogs bark in a coal bucket..."
I am from Sunday School at Bethel Lutheran Church and The Apostolic Faith on the radio. From a strong faith in God that helps me through every day of my life.
I'm from Austria and Ireland and Germany and Portland. The smell of galishti every Thanksgiving and Easter, Mom's potato salad , from depression era possum eaters and Norse Hall dancers.
From Sunday morning Harley rides to Daybreak and back, from garage sale's on Thursdays and gum braces.
I am from Grandma's buffet full of family memories, the times of my life I'll never forget, the loving parents who made me who I am and thankful for the incredible journey I got to take as a child.
I wish everyone could have the same...

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