Friday, October 23, 2009

Private Pain

Photo from St. Vincent de Paul Society

Sadly, this poem I wrote 20 years ago for my mother just before she died has been getting a lot of distribution lately. But for some reason I feel the 'nudge' to share it more with the world in general, for those tens of people who might stop by here randomly or purposely in a day's time. Honestly, I don't have a clue how many stop by but you're welcome to use this poem if you think it'll help anyone you know who's grieving or in their own world of private pain:

Private Pain

There is a place of private pain where only you can trod.
The path is not an easy one unless you trust in God.
The times you feel you can't go on, when no one understands,
The Lord is there to ease you through, to take you by the hand.

There is a place of private pain where silent tears are shed,
Where Jesus is beside you, giving comfort as He said.
His arms wrapped close around you and His Holy Presence near,
You know you can rest easy and you needn't ever fear.

There is a place of private pain...I'm in its midst right now.
I know the Lord's preparing me...I cannot tell you how
But in my heart of hearts I know that when I need Him near
The only thing I'll do is ask and He will be right here.


Midlife Jobhunter said...

Very lovely. I will keep it and read it often.

Midlife Jobhunter said...

P.S. I like that picture, too.

Donna said...

You know, I think even in the best of times we all have a little private pain inside us.

Danielle Says Hello said...

I think that says it all. You are quite talented.

Betty said...

Very very fitting poem for a friend I have who is going through some heavy stuff. Unfortunately she does not read/speak English. But it is very inspiring, the poem. You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. You are talented.

Suburbia said...

That's lovely Kriss