Friday, November 13, 2009

The Man You Are Now

In the man you are now
is still the boy you were then.
A seasoned version,
weathered by time,
mellowed by countless hours of peace and contentment
in each other's company.
Rivers and ribbons,
the ebb and flow of two lives
two hearts
so closely entwined
words are not

In the man you are now
are the mysteries of a
Cherokee fire,
the embers of which I sensed
beneath the surface on
that cold January night.
The eyes already seeing
the future
of what we were to

In the man you are now
is the man I knew you would be.
The father of my children.
The center of my universe.
The one who sees my strengths
but forgives me
my weaknesses.
The man who I can show my tears to
and not be ashamed.
My life.
My sanctuary.

--January 18, 2006

Written for the 32nd 'anniversary' of the day we met.

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