Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey, babe...take a walk on the wild side....

I'm waiting for the day someone stops me on the street or in the aisle of the grocery store as I'm struggling to maneuver my double stroller around too-sharp corners and asks, "Hey, are you that MissKris the blogger who's always out walking her grandsons?" So far, that fame has eluded me. But today as I came in thru the doors at the library loaded down with my two grandsons and about $70 worth of stuff I'd bought at Walmart crammed in to the basket area underneath I heard a voice say, "Well, hi there!" and I looked over to see a smiling young man grinning at me from ear to ear. I didn't know him from Adam. But he sure seemed to know me so I smiled and said, "Hello!" back. "Boy, you sure do get around!" he told me, and then I realized it was Story Time this morning and he was obviously there with one -- two? three? - of the little ones for that. He was a dad. And where he's ever spotted me walking around the area I don't know but he sure seemed to feel like he knew me! This is not the only time I've had this happen. A while back I had a lady lean out of her van window and yell at me, "I see you walking everywhere!" And of course all the library and store workers know who we are. And of course the fire fighters at the local fire station call us their 'regulars' whenever they have any new guy on board.

Yup, it's that time of year again.

After being stuck inside since around Halloween, I would say, because of inclement weather, colds, is almost Spring!!!!!

Which means the grandboys and I are back with a vengeance.



Ciara said...

MissKris Thank you so much for stopping by. I am so happy to meet you, and I cannot begin to say how much your kind and sweet and Heartfelt words mean to me!

I love what I see here, and I'm looking forward to having a proper look around! (It's 7am and the madness is about to begin in our house! The Wild Things are stirring...)

C x

Betty said...

Pretty soon, they´ll be running in front and you won´t be able to keep up... :)
I´m glad it´s warming up for you. It was a long winter, no doubt!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Do you live in a small town? That's too funny! I wish people would recognize me.

And I'm ecstatic about spring as well!!