Thursday, March 25, 2010

Childhood is the most beautiful of all Life's seasons. ~ Author Unknown

We have two new residents, actually, in our home. Not one goldfish but two. Our neighbor Azizollah who was born in Iran has been celebrating his New Year and goldfish in his culture signify Life. He and his wife had bought a couple and now that the New Year is over they offered to give them to the grandboys, as they do a lot of traveling and figured the fish needed a home where someone would care for them.

Care for them?! Oh, yeah.

It's a wonder these two little fishies have survived since they showed up on the scene yesterday afternoon, they have been shown so much love and attention. If one grandboy's face hasn't been peering down into the bowl with his nose practically touching the water, the other one has. I had the bowl on the table yesterday and Dylan and Cooper spent the rest of their day here getting 'acquainted'. They named them Spot and HoHo and showed their new buddies their favorite toys. Dylan sang "The Alphabet Song" to them. He'd go over periodically and ask, "Hey, HoHo you doing?" When we went for a late afternoon walk over to the fire station Dylan hollered to Papa who was downstairs in his den, "Papa! Will you keep an eye on HoHo Spot and make sure they're doing ok?" Of course Papa said yes. And the interest hasn't waned at all today. Today they got to feed them.

Oh...and which one is Spot and which one is HoHo? The one with spots is HoHo. The pure gold one is Spot.

It makes sense to a 4-year-old.


Judy said...

HoHo and Spot! PERFECT.

I once had an all white dog who SHOULD have been named SpotS.

Jeanie said...

Two of my grandkids have fish that have lived for years. One of the other ones had a fish that he fed for two days before he realized it was dead. Your guys will hav fun with Spot and HoHo.

Betty said...

The one with spots is HoHo....haha funny! But as long as they are happy, so what. :)
I hope they care for them well.