Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just so I don't forget...

Things Little Boys Love to Do:

1. Feed ducks in a pond

2. Splash in mud puddles

3. Throw rocks in mud puddles

4. Squirt water out of the spigot when they wash their hands

5. Collect all the worms they find when digging in the dirt

6. Spit on the window and then watch it slither down the glass

7. Cram as much sandwich in their mouths as they can

8. Show off that half-chewed mess in their mouths

9. Squat down and watch ants coming in and out of holes on the sidewalk

10. Poke pieces of stick or grass down those holes

11. Pick dandelions for Grandma

12. Endlessly put things in something, then take them out again

13. Love to get down and get dirty

14. Set up the coffeemaker for Papa

15. Help Grandma cook

16. Fold laundry

17. Dust

18. Hide under blankets

19. Race dump trucks from one end of the house to the other

20. Garbage trucks and garbage men

21. Fire trucks and firemen

22. Give tight squeezes

23. Cuddle in the rocking chair while watching "Super Why"

24. And "Word World"

25. And "Sponge Bobby"

26. And "Curious George"

27. And "Between the Lions"

28. Go barefoot...must've gotten that from their Grandma

29. Shriek outside for the fun of it

30. Balance and walk along walls

These things, darling boys, are what fill your days with joy

in 2010.

Ages 2 and 4


Pat said...

I thought at first you were writing about my 3 sons when they were little, and I was thinking, wow, how did she know?

Wonderful post!

Jeanie said...

A great list...you have a wealth of knowledge about little boys.

Colleen said...

On the streets of NYC, I once saw two brothers, about 2 and 4, run up to a parked fire truck. The driver exited and signed a picture book about firefighters for the boys. It touched my heart and I immediately called my dad, who is a retired Philadelphia firefighter.

Kinda made me want to have a boy :)