Friday, July 23, 2010

Every day you'll see the dust as I drive my baby in my Magic Bus ~ The Who

An uneventful week around here. Maybe we're turning a corner? Maybe the boys are finally past the 'constant need' stage and settling more into little-boyhood. I'm finding small kernels of time during the day now where I can sit back and observe...catch my breath...and not be so constantly in demand. Still always available for a hug or a kiss or an arm to grasp as they cuddle up on the couch and lean on my shoulder. But I can claim a bit of myself back.

Cooper roused a bit from his nap yesterday afternoon, calling out for a 'boggy' -- his bottle -- and fussing drowsily. I took him to the rocking chair and rocked him back to sleep as he sucked half-heartedly, gazing down at him and thinking how delicious it is to have a little boy still small enough to fit on my lap - barely. I read other women's blogs, those of harried young mothers, where there are days when they wonder "Will this never end?!" I'm here to tell you that yes, it does. I remember quite clearly from my first time around, being at home with my two children, how long those first few years between birth and Kindergarten seemed to be. And the next thing I knew they were graduating from high school. And now they're in their 30s, almost middle-aged! Well, give or take a few years yet, but you know what I mean. Time. Flies.

That's something we can never get back...Time. We should never, ever wish it away.

We rode the bus on Monday. To one of the malls and back. The bus lady was kind enough to give each boy a ticket, even tho at their ages they ride free. They don't care where they go, they just like to ride. We sat at the very back where every bump in the road caused our bottoms to lift an inch or two off the seats. They loved that. And every ride is an adventure in people-watching and sights to see out the windows. If we get bored, we take a bus ride. Next on the list are two requests: one, to go downtown to one of the parks, take bread, and feed the birds; two, to take the MAX train to the airport to watch jets take off and land. Even I enjoy doing those things.

My two-year-old grandson Cooper thinks I'm magic. Whenever I change his diaper and apply Desitin, he likes to stick his finger into the tube opening and get a little bit on his finger tip. I grab his finger tip and squeeze, wiping all the Desitin off, and when I show him his finger tip again I say, "See, Cooper? It's all gone! Magic!" No matter how many times I do it, it amuses him to no end.

Oh, if only the world was so easy to make happy!


Judy said...

I wish you were my grandma...

Famke has a NEW thing. Everytime anything doesn't go the way she planned, she calls it magic! I think it's funny, but her mommy is becoming annoyed with it.

Liz said...

Magic is wonderful!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Kris, I've been thinking about taking the kids to ride the bus. There's a pretend bus at the Children's Museum and they always enjoy it. Glad you wrote this; we're definitely gonna do it.

Rob-bear said...

So glad you are enjoying your grandchildren!

Pam said...

When my girls were small, I was definitely one of those moms who wondered when (if) it would ever end. And now that I am the mom of two teens (one about to go off to college), I know that it does, indeed, end. Some days it seems too soon, and some it seems not soon enough. I'm looking forward to being far enough removed from it to take your view ALL the time.