Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sea Shells -- for Dylan

Sea Shells
For Dylan

It's a funny thing about sea shells.
Some you can take and crush in your hand,
and yet they withstand the roilings and boilings in a heaving, stormy sea.
Some are pearlescent.
You can almost see the sun through them.
They're smooth to the touch.
Cool to the fingertips.
You can lift them to your lips.
You can taste the sea.
Others are heavy and dense.
Almost ugly.
Until you hold them up close and see how God
made them beautiful
if you only take the time
to look.

1 comment:

Rob-bear said...

"If only you take time to look."


As the poet wrote:

What is the life, if full of care,
we have no time to stop and stare.