Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn't. ~ Emerson M. Pugh

The retail world has a new online consumer: my grandson Dylan. This young boy has been learning lately the joys of computers, mainly online educational games. He's been wanting to add to his "Cars" collection and yesterday he asked me, "Grandma, do you think we can find some on the 'puter?" Mainly, to begin with, it was to find character names of some of the more obscure vehicles from the movie. We found a dandy site for that. And we even ordered 4 new cars, which should be coming by the end of the week. Today we went back to the site, just because he loves to scroll down the page and click on each one to enlarge it, then click the Back arrow to the main page. At the age of 4 his computer skills are quickly catching up with mine! He's so excited knowing his new cars will be arriving any day now that he's asking when he can order more. What have I created?! And I'm already searching for new educational game sites. He's getting bored with the ones he's been playing on, within a few days of finding them. He asked me this afternoon, "Grandma, can you find me some new ones? These are so boring!" I've really got to stay on my toes to keep one step ahead of him.

Our Tiny Mouse arrived today and already I'm loving it! We hooked it up right after the grandboys woke up from their naps and I was amazed at how much it helped Dylan in navigating on the computer. As for me, with the arthritis in my hands it is so much more comfortable! Not having to flex my fingers and hand joints to maneuver a larger mouse already feels better. And it hardly takes up any space.

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Betty said...

I´m glad the tiny mouse helps. I hardly ever use a mouse with my laptop.
Pretty soon Dylan will be showing YOU how to do stuff on the computer. :)