Monday, February 21, 2011

We need not destroy the past. It is gone. ~ John Cage

I'm sitting here waiting for the truck to come pick up the drop box. The box has been sitting in front of our house since Wednesday. We have filled it to the brim every day, only to come out and find it half full each morning. It is the strangest thing, seeing the things we consider trash and worthy of toss-out something someone else would actually want. But I'm sure without the pickers and gleaners who've come thru, the box would be filled to overflowing. So they've actually saved us money, I'm sure. They have taken all our metal, including the deeply embedded steel pole that's been at our curbside for the past 20 years. Once upon a time it had a basketball backboard attached to it and I can still see the ghosts of the boy our son used to be and those of his childhood friends spending endless hours shooting hoop. I can still hear the thump of the basketball hitting against the backboard.

I am drowning in such memories.


Loretta said...

It's got to be hard to see your home become just a house. But, no matter where you are those memories will go with you.

I Freecycle a lot of stuff, what I used to throw in the trash goes to a meeting and someone usually wants it. I bring stuff home too. I get a lot of books that way.

Anita said...

I'm always amazed at what we put at the curb only to be picked up before the city picks it up.
I can't imagine the memories you are leaving. We've lived here 18 years this month...brought all our babies home will be hard.

LC said...

It feels like drowning now, but I hope its just bathing, not drowning. And the memories will still be precious and will still be with you to welcome new memories. Having said that . . . I can barely throw away anything with a memory attached, so I hope I can deal when the eventual moving day comes as courageously -- and effectively -- as you have done. Thanks for blazing a trail.

Betty said...

I´m sure it´s really hard to let those "things" go, but the memories stay.
Glad someone else will be enjoying your stuff.

HORIZON said...

It's good in a way that others will use what would have been thrown away but it must be hard to see it all there and remember. I have an attic full of Sam's stuff mostly and know that it needs going through.
Keep focused on the new home you will make- a fresh sheet waiting for you to put your mark on.
- a designers dream!
Perhaps there will be room outback for another bb hoop for the grandboys :)