Monday, May 30, 2011

Homesick: depressed or melancholy at being away from home and family

I just thought you might like to see a fairly recent photo of me with my children and grandchildren.  This was taken on Mother's Day over at my son's house.  The only person missing, of course, is Dear Hubby.  I posted this on my Facebook page with the caption saying something about how lonely a Mother's Day it would've been if we hadn't all been able to move here to Michigan together.  I couldn't imagine my life without them all being in it on a daily basis.

It is so hot and so humid today, Memorial Day.  We are again heading out to our son's house for a barbecue.  Well, barbecue beef sandwiches.  I'm not sure we'll be cooking anything on the grill.  Or if we'll sit outside.  Or in the house in central air-luxury.  We have central air.  We also have a humidifier.  But do we know how to activate them?  No.  Never had to use air conditioning in the Northwest.  We'd have our hot days there but never enough to warrant going out and spending a small fortune on air conditioning units.  Fans did us quite nicely, thank you.  This morning Dear Hubby and I noticed moisture on the linoleum floor in the basement.  Kind of like a very slight 'dew', I guess you'd call it.  We've never experienced that before, either.  A west coast friend who lived back here was on Facebook and I asked her if this was normal.  She told me yes, and it'd be a good idea to get a humidifier.  I told her we already have one but don't know how to use it.  I haven't heard back so I'm thinking she doesn't know how to either, haha!  Luckily we discovered this before one of the deer mounts on the floor was ruined from absorbed moisture.  Dear Hubby took it outside and laid it on a towel in the driveway to dry out in the sun.  I'm thinking there is a lot about this new climate we live in that we don't have a clue about.

One thing I am not is homesick.  I find that very ironic, considering I was a child who'd get so homesick when I tried spending the nite at a neighbor's when I was 4 or 5 I'd cry in the nite and my friend Annie's dad would kindly walk me over to my house and deliver me to my parents', where I'd happily go upstairs to the familiarity of my own bed.  Maybe it's because I do have all of my 'nuclear' family here with me.  Maybe it's because my siblings and I have never lived in each others' pockets.  Maybe it's because I don't have much extended family to worry about or miss anymore.  But life here has picked up to its normal pace and that makes things feel more 'homelike' here.  I'm again taking care of my grandsons on a full time basis so my days are busy and full.  I don't feel lost any more as I travel about.  Even the Michigander accent doesn't sound so unusual to my ear now.  In fact, we got a wrong-number-call last week from someone out in Portland and the man I spoke to sounded kind of 'funny' to me.  I'm used to us sounding western, and our friends and family sounding western...but anybody else around us?  No......  So that was kind of surreal.

The grandboys are finally to the stage where I don't have to be constantly involved in what they're doing now.  They can watch TV around me.  They can play around me.  But they don't require me to take part in everything.  So one thing I'm getting back to that I've missed terribly these past few years is reading.  I'd forgotten what a luxury it is to sit down with a book and be able to read more than a paragraph without "Grandma!" ringing out.  It still takes me the bulk of the week to read an entire book, but considering I've hardly read anything --  well, what I would consider anything  --  the past few years, this is so pleasant to come back to!  In the few months we've lived here that I hadn't been doing day care, I couldn't get enough books to read.   It's like they were telling me, "Welcome BACK!"

We're off to our son's now. 


Judy said...

Beautiful picture!
Last year we ran our A/C all summer long. The year before that, hardly at all. One just never knows.

Rob-bear said...

Family and books. What more could one ask in any home?

Donna B said...

I envy your being able to be closer to your kids and grand grandmother or mother should ever have to separated from those she loves...We are four hours away from mine...and I miss them fiercely! This housing market has us stuck where we are...

HORIZON said...

I'm glad you are starting to settle down Kris and agree that it is probably because you have your close family there with you- especially the boys :)
Be careful using the air conditioning units- they can run up a cracking bill. I remember from my years in Texas & Georgia. Also l thought you might need a 'de-humidifier' if there are wet spots on the lino- just a thought- you need something to absorb the moisture rather than add more. Tell me to shut up if l'm getting this wrong. :)
It's nice when the kids get to an age you don't have to run around after them. I will be glad when Ollie gets to that stage too- no more shutting off areas and chasing around. I'm glad you've got some 'me' time again.
I'd miss it if you didn't keep this blog going btw.
bests for now dear friend xx

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm so sorry I've been lousy at visiting your blog. Life has been crazy to say the least...but some exciting stuff as well.

I am so glad that you're not homesick. I miss being able to get together though, even though we only got together twice.

Enjoy your time reading and enjoying your surroundings.

Pam said...

It's so nice to have an update from you. I'm with Horizon - you need a DEhumidifier. They are very easy to use. Simply plug it in in the basement and then empty the pan when it fills up (once a day, if not more at first). That should take care of the moisture and any damp smells in the basement. Good Luck!

Laurie said...

Just catching up on my blog reading and agreeing with the others about you needing a DE-humidifier. We live in the Midwest also and run ours almost all summer. I love your blog, love that you love being near to your children and grandchildren and that you love reading! My oldest moved near us a year ago and blessed us w/ a new grandson. I can't imagine not having them close by! Love your blog!

Anita said...

I like your family picture, sprinkled with the tulips. You'll look back at it years from now and remember your first months in Michigan.

I'm glad things are going well. I guess once you're there an entire year, you will have experienced all the weather conditions and have gotten advice and help from your neighbors and new friends.