Saturday, August 20, 2011

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. ~ Author Unknown

What a strange concept...waiting for this little girl to come over to my house today. 


Wait a minute.

That was her, 31 years ago.

She doesn't look anything like that now.

She moved into her very first alone apartment a couple of weeks ago.  She's been saying it feels like a hotel room still because it's devoid of  'homey' touches.

So what does Mom do?

I went and bought her several houseplants today.  I also told her she can go thru all the boxes and bins down in the storage cupboards in the basement and is welcome to any of the kitschy stuff that's in them.  As well as any art work that hits her fancy.

I might even toss in a box of nails.

They grow up and they go 'away'. 

But they're forever in a mother's heart, no matter what their age.


Anonymous said...

You are indeed blessed she is your friend as well!!

Been helping with such things with our daughter who also just got her first apt...she will soon be 28.

Betty said...

I bet your daughter was so happy to have to plants. She´ll be feeling at home in her home soon.

LC said...

Phases of life, so poignant!

Bridget Locke said...

Aw man! U made me cry! Thank u for the plants & everything else.

PS. Can you email me the picture??? I want to print it out for myself.

Pam said...

Congrats to your daughter. You must be proud and sad all at the same time.

Rob-bear said...

A son's a son til he takes a wife;
a daughter's a daughter all of your life.

Or so it is said.
Glad that you have a daughter and a friend in the same person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris
I can so relate to this post! 40 yrs ago, living many provinces from my mother, I had a surrogate who didn't have children of her own but treated me as her daughter. I moved into my first 'alone' place and she gave me of her abundance & what she couldn't supply me with, she took me shopping to buy.It was so nice to have such a wonderful angel in my life, her name...Sara Hamilton ! Many Portlanders will remember her. She was a saint! One of the very best friends I ever had the honor of calling mine. I have had many occasion to pass on the same kindness to others. She truly taught me great life lessons.