Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life really IS a gift.

It is a cool cloudy day here in Michigan.  Dear Hubby has gone to meet a new hunting friend near Holly and I stayed home to do the grocery shopping and some reading.  I am finishing up on my second week of vacation.  The first week I did a bit of traveling and enjoyed that a lot...saw some beautiful country.  Why do so many midwesterners complain about how 'boring' this part of the country is?  They can't imagine how we left Oregon behind and settled here.  I don't know what kind of mental image they have when they think of "Oregon".  So few I've spoken to have ever been there so the images they have are most likely from what they've seen on TV.  Yes, Oregon is beautiful but the longer I live back here the less I feel that it has any more to offer than Michigan or some of the other parts of the midwest I've seen so far. 

What do I miss about Oregon?  Our neighbors.  The walks Dear Hubby and I took to the top of Mt. Tabor Park.  The Pacific being only 100 miles away.  I know Cooper misses Nalley's chili...that brand is not available back here so some generous folks 'back home' have shipped some here for him.  Do I miss the mountains?  No, not much.   I thought I would, desperately.  But now that I've grown accustomed to the vast amount of sky back here, I spend a lot of time with my neck craned back, staring up at cloud formations that seem to billow up to outer space at times.  Before we moved  I'd taken the boys to Sweetness Bakery for some of the mini cinnamon rolls they loved.  One of the employees was a young man from Michigan and he told me one of the things I was going to love back here was the beautiful sky.  I didn't know how right he was.  But I do now.

My second week of vacation I've refurbished three pieces of furniture.  It has amazed me how some elbow grease used in sanding them down and then several coats of Old English Furniture Oil has totally revitalized all of them.  I have one more week to go before the grandboys' other grandma heads back for Texas.  I'm going to do some caulking in our shower could use a bit of freshening up.  I still need to get to the touch-up painting I'd planned on as well.  Right now I'm heading over to the library to see if I can find a copy of "The King's Speech" or whatever it's called.  The one that won all the Academy Awards.  I am terrible on the names of movies.  I'm even more terrible on the names of today's celebrities.  If I met one face-to-face and they preened and bragged about who they were I'm afraid I'd pop their ego bubble big time, haha!  I wouldn't have a clue who they are.

Just a simple day.  Nothing much planned.  Just the way I like it.


Rob-bear said...

Sounds like you're having an ideal holiday. Great!

Betty said...

Same here. Not much new. I´m glad you´re enjoying your vacation and are seeing your part of the country. I´ve admired your handy work on those pieces you refurbished on fb. Good for you!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Oh darn! I was hoping to see pictures of the furniture you refurbished!

The kids went hiking in Mt. Tabor and I thought of you.

I'm still getting adjusted to Salem. I'm not quite sure I like it as much as I liked Beaverton but home is where your heart is, right?

I'm happy that you all are settling in. Sounds like you are truly relaxed and getting used to Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I loved "The Kings Speech"...and I understand that the Queen approved of it as well. SO it must be fairly factual. Hope you enjoy it too!!

Anita said...

Hello Missy Krissy! It's been a while since I've visited your blog. Glad to find you at peace.

We are so blessed to live in an awesome country that offers every kind of nature you can imagine. So glad that you have focused on the beauty of Michigan.

EnJoy the newly refurbished furniture and the movie. I've heard, more than a few times, that it is very good. You've made me want to go out to find it, too.

HORIZON said...

It's good to hear you getting a bit of time to yourself to do what you want to do- nice going on the polishing! I'm happy that you've settled Kris and are enjoying Michigan- it does sound smashing.