Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~ Seneca

Today was our neighbor Bob's 90th birthday.  It was garbage day as well on our street.  But I'd made plans to spend most of the day with my daughter to celebrate her birthday, which is also today.  She and I spent several hours browsing thru thrift stores and this antique mall a coworker had told her about not long ago.  Then we had a nice leisurely lunch at a restaurant.  I dropped her off at her apartment and headed home.

When I pulled up to my house, Grandma Ursula's car was parked at the curb.  She'd brought Cooper over so he could watch the garbage trucks and put our can and recycling bins back for us near the garage when they were done.  They were just getting ready to leave.  I had a tiny bakery cake I'd picked up for Bob's birthday in the refrigerator, as well as a birthday card, so I told Ursula I'd run it over to his house with Cooper quickly before they left.  Cooper was so excited!  And then we realized Bob's garage door was open and his car was gone.  Oh dear.  Well, we weren't foiled yet.  I told Cooper we'd go over and put it near his back door so he'd be sure to find it when he got home, which we did.  "Do you think Bob will find it?  I hope he has a happy birthday, Grandma!"    I hurried him back over to Ursula so they could get on their was almost time to pick Dylan up from Kindergarten.

I got to thinking about how I'd signed the card...from our family.  I'd thought for sure we'd see Bob face-to-face and I realized he probably wouldn't figure out who it was from with just our family name on it.  So I grabbed a pen and went over to his house, thinking I'd put Dylan and Cooper's names on there too.  But when I turned the corner at the back of the house, the cake and card were gone! I turned to leave and I heard a voice call out to me from the sun porch, "Hey there!" and Bob opened the screen door, a big smile on his face.  "Was that from you?  How did you know it was my birthday?" he asked.  I said, "Well, you'd told me a long time ago it was on this day and I never forgot because this is my daughter's birthday as well!  We couldn't let yours go by without wishing you a Happy Birthday too!"  "Well, that is so nice!"  he beamed.  "Thanks a million, you guys!"

Truth be told, I think I felt a lot more blessed on his birthday than he did.


HORIZON said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Kris and to Mr. Bob next door. How lovely!! This read has given me a smile before bed.
Nighty night dear friend! x

Anita said...

I know how you feel. A few months ago, I collected money from many families who take horseback riding lessons from a woman/friend who also teaches me. It was her birthday, too. She was so surprised and excited that she phoned each of us who'd signed the card.

Must be something to: "It's better to give than to receive."

Glad you had a nice outing with your daughter.

Rob-bear said...

Great birthday stories, Miss Kris. Great of you to do that for neighbour Bob.
Question about Mr. Seneca's comment. Is there a place for kindness to Bears, too?

LC said...

Heart-warming from mom and neighbor point of view. Cooper is one special little boy!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You are so thoughtful Kris. I love that Cooper likes trash day and can't wait to help with the trash cans and to see the trash guys. Thank you for your sweet FB message. I knew that you'd understand.