Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. ~ George Carlin

Our first sticking snowfall.

There's something I'm just not getting.

Why don't people like snow in the midwest?

To me, it's almost magical, coming from a region where in the low-lying valleys snow wasn't something that came too often.  But as everyone here has been telling me I'll be sick of it by the end of February.

Between you and me...I think not.


"Abby" said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the "newness" of the snow. I like it this time of year too, but I understand what those locals are implying about the February snow. I hope you still love it then!

Alaine said...

I love the way snow looks (especially out in the woods where it's "CLEAN"). What I don't like is the driving in snow, scraping windows, having to get my kids dressed for it ever morning for school (and replacing what seems like a dozen pairs of gloves by spring). What I LOVE is the freshness of it, the clean air, watching my family on their sleds with all of the dogs so eager to run, the way my kids cheeks get so rosie and their cute "hat hair" when they come in from playing, the taste of snow (again "CLEAN" snow), the way a wet snow clings to every branch and outlines a complete tree, the way the cardinals' color just POPS....there's a lot to love, that's for sure. But the driving in it really stinks.

Anonymous said...

I will always remember the year we moved to snow country and how the wonder of it never really wore off. I hated to drive in it, of course, but one can store up the necessary stuff and stay home more to enjoy just looking at it!! And if you have a fireplace or woodburner...oh joy!!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE snow. On my bucket list is to have a white christmas...........one day hopefully - but I know it will never happen in Perth lol I envy you with your snowfall and your chrissie tree in the window so magical
keep the photos coming just love looking at them
Missy Moo