Friday, December 21, 2012

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture. ~ Kak Sri

I am here to tell you that miracles still happen.
20 years ago the brother closest to me in age cut me completely out of his and his family's life. Many attempts were made by me and my other two brothers to reconcile...after me, he cut everyone off, including our father.  All of those attempts were ignored, even when we tried to contact him to let him know our father was dying, and Dad's dying wish was to see him.  I won't go into details because the  why of it is not the focus of what I'm saying here. It's because there's been a little tiny break in the ice.  It's taken the third generation of my brother's family to finally allow contact but contact has been made and I'm optimistic it will at least continue with my grand-nephew.
As I got online before going to bed, I was floored to see a message on Facebook from this grand-nephew.  I had found him on Facebook in May 2011 and attempted to contact him, especially when I found out he was going to college here in Michigan and lives only 20 miles away from us!  I never got a response, so I figured, "Oh least I tried."
Then, lo and behold!  This message from him last nite!  He said my message had been stored in another folder and he never found it until yesterday.  His message was very friendly, very I sent one to him and he was online and answered right back.  We ended up chatting for about 45 minutes! He is visiting my niece who is his mom and other family in Washington State during Winter Break but I told him once he gets 'home' here to contact me if he'd like to come have a homemade meal and to get to know us.  He said that sounded very nice.
We'll see what happens.  Dear Hubby told me not to get my hopes up and I haven't.  But even if this is the only contact I ever have with him, it's enough.  I have been praying for 20 years that this day would come.  Maybe it's the crack in the iceberg...maybe they'll be horrified he had anything to do with me.  But he seems to be a young man with a mind of his own and I have a feeling he'll do what he wants.
So...Merry Christmas to me!  This truly was a gift from God this year. 



Anonymous said...

kris--lets hope it will open doors that have been closed for so many heartbreaking years--and it will most likly be for some crazy thing--Merry Christmas to you and your to all Ginger

Mom said...

Never loose hope. The estrangement with my son only lasted 8 years, but it was a long 8 years of not knowing if he was dead or alive. Two years ago I found him on facebook. We have since had a wonderful reunion. My son who was lost has returned.
Praying all goes well with your search for reconciliation.

Betty W said...

I'm so happy for you Kris!! That is such a great blessing and so right for the time of year. I truly hope he will come to visit you in person.