Saturday, December 29, 2007

...about that cup of coffee, and getting a head start on my New Year's resolutions

Guess who I came across today? Subway Sam! As I was out and about buying my weekly groceries early this morning I spotted him near the same coffee/espresso stand I saw him at a week or two ago. This time I was ready. I pulled into the parking lot and bought him a hot cup of cocoa, since that was what he prefers. And I gave it to him and wished him a Happy New Year. And boy....did it ever feel goooooooooooood!!

Oh...and I've been carrying out my promise to myself...well, actually, to the Lord...about stepping out of my comfort zone at church once again. As I was sitting in a pew with my husband and son last Sunday, I noticed a woman walking down the aisle to a pew she and her husband have been sitting in for several months now. As I listened to Dear Hubby and our son chatting with half an ear, my eyes glued to this lady, I suddenly leaned across them and said, "I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again," and left them sitting there, mouths agape and conversation stopped dead as they watched me head off to speak to the woman. She was sitting there searching thru her purse as I approached so she didn't notice me right away. I spoke up, "Good morning!" Her head snapped up and she reached out her hand to me, clasping it and pulling me down beside her on her pew. "Good morning to you!" she said back, and away we went, getting acquainted and finding out we might have enough in common to even become friends! In fact, as the music began playing a prelude as the church service was beginning, I told her I'd better get back to my husband and son. And she grabbed my hand again and said, "Why, I don't even want to let you go, you're so much fun to talk to!" Now, I ask you...who was more blessed, her or me?! And the next day, when my son called to talk to me about something, he told me, "Mom, when you went to speak to that lady yesterday I was so proud of you!" Because, you see, that just doesn't happen enough at our church. It's one of the things that really, really bothers me. And that is one of my main New Year's resolutions, so to speak, to greet anyone new and even some of those I've never spoken to who've been there for years! I am NOT going to continue sitting there just taking up space. This is not an easy thing for me, either. Not easy at all. But one thing it's doing for me is giving me confidence to reach out again because so far every effort I've put forth has been received so nicely by everyone I've approached. And rejection? Well, I'm sure there'll be someone somewhere along the line who doesn't appreciate my coming up and invading their 'space'...but that will be their problem, not mine.


Barb said...

Kris, happy happy birthday. Your birthday is the day after my mom's, but she is 81!

You know, here in Minnesota, we are famous for being "Minnesota nice" and people are pretty friendly, on the surface, but it really takes awhile to get deeper than that with many of the people around here. I think it has much to do with the kind of people who first settled this Midwestern area...very stoic, hard working, just do what has to be done kind of people.

By the way, I'm Barb of Barb's Random Life Thoughts, since I need to sign in differently here :)Like the new blog!

Lanie said...

Oh Kris! It's so nice to know that someone still cares enough to step out of their comfort zone to make someone else's day or to show you care! I work on the outreach team at our church and we are having a hard time getting people to do just that. Everyone gets out of the service and stands in a circle talking to their group of friends and anyone visiting is left there alone. I'm more of a social butterfly so I flit around talking to everyone but I have to admit I don't always go up to someone I don't know. I AM so proud of you especially for getting that Hot Cocoa for Subway Sam. I think that you probably gave him some hope with that simple gesture. You are such an amazing person Kris. I'm crying HAVE TO GET SOME MEDS! :)
Your birthday is almost over. Now you'll be on your way to 55 hehehe.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I have found it ESPECIALLY difficult to reach out in a church that is not friendly...but it seems the FATHER has led you to some who at least welcome your greeting!! The last place here we attended for 10 months...and though for myself, it was no big deal...for my daughter, in college, it was a BIG deal that after almost a year, STILL NO ONE wanted to include her really. The last straw was the Sunday the youth pastor (who had NEVER EVER even inquired to see how old she was and if she might be in the teen group...and she looks young for her age too) got up and told how they were going to canvas the neighborhood to invite their neighbors to church!! That did it...and we are talking a sanctuary that probably held about 200 way they did not know we were newbies. We never went back and gladly so! In fact, since then via another church we found some good friends and we have a Bible study now...that is our church! Maybe if we lived here 50 years things might be better...but I would not count on it. Yes, it is pleasant to do business in town, being in the south, folks are polite. But just stay out of their churches (excuse me, their country club). My daughter finally found a small group of singles, from basically one church (which she does not want to attend...little too wild music for our tastes) but at least she has someplace to go.

I applaud you Kris, because when you are in a group such as most are these days (already established and no vacancy) it is VERY hard to reach out. I have been on the other end too and yes, sometimes have greeted someone to be told "We have been MEMBERS HERE for 25 years!!" (nevermind I had never seen them there in several years I had been attending). Perhaps if I had been more in tune with the Father then, maybe HE would have directed me to those who were truly NEW!! I hope you will find many special people to be your friends!! Fellowship is very important!!

That person you just meet could turn out to be one of the best friends you will ever find, someone who will bring you food when you are ill, who will call on you when you have to miss services, someone who will come and stand with you when the storms of life are hitting!!

Liz said...

That was very brave. I'm so glad it was apprecaited.