Friday, March 14, 2008

Life's Twists & Turns

If there's one Life Lesson I've learned in my 54 years here on Earth, it's that nothing ever works out the way you planned it to. At least not 100% of the time.

My friend Lanie left a comment on my last entry saying I haven't been here much lately and hoped all is well. Well.......yes and no. Little Cooper hasn't arrived yet but will be here within the next week or so. My daughter-in-law had an ultrasound yesterday to determine whether he'll be taken by c-section, which I believe will most likely be done this coming week. Or, if they decide to induce, I believe she said that will be done on the 31st. We're still anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Remember not long ago when I'd announced a clean bill of health, that all my menopausal issues were behind me? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I hemorrhaged. Again. Not as bad as the first time but badly enough where a hysterectomy isn't a will-I-won't-I option but it's been laid out there on the table and it looks like I'll be laid out on the table -- the operating table -- on March 31st. At least, that's the tentative date. I have to schedule an appointment to have all my blood work done with my regular doctor, then have a consult with my GYN doctor again on Thursday. If everything else is ok, then it's full steam ahead. After spending half a day at my GYN's office yesterday and going thru another miserable D & C, I am more than ready to go. I am tired of living this half-life the past couple of years, never knowing what's coming next. I am...just...plain...tired. So there go the plans to be there to help out the kids for a week right after Cooper arrives. But, as I told my son and d-i-l yesterday, this has come at the worst time and yet it's come at the best time. Because, when she goes back to work, I should be ready to take on the two babies. Hopefully with renewed energy and myself again.

So...that's where everything stands at the moment. On the cusp of change and new beginnings. Today is my darling Dylan's 2nd birthday. Tomorrow is his party. He's spending the day today with his mom and dad. Grandma's spending most of the day doing absolutely nothing.


Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Dylan!

And, Happy Hysterectomy to You? I'm not exactly sure what to wish for there...

Will be praying much for you, and your family.

Alaine (or Lanie) said...

I'm glad you're going to be done with this Kris. I'm sorry you had to go through that again :(
I will also be praying for you, your son & DIL, little Dyl and your husband of course!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least you made it to age 54 before the surgery...I only made it to age 35. It does have an effect and it will take time to get over...DO NOT rush the recovery period, or you could pay for it later. My doc told me to stay in my pajamas and housecoat for at least 3 weeks. It was nice to be out of the pain, etc. however. Hope you are not sure to do what you can to pump up your blood that way. I am sorry you have to have the surgery. But once you recover I imagine you will be glad to be free of at least those problems!! Blessings and pray all goes well!!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday Dylan! Wow, has it been 2 years all ready. Goodness how times flies. Give the birthday boy huge hugs and kisses!

I look so forward to your entry announcing Cooper's arrival. New babes are so exciting. I know Dylan will be the best big brother in the world.

I'm saddened to hear of your surgery. I've went through this too. I pray you'll recover quickly and will bounce back with bells on.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing weekend.

Jane Doh ! said...

So sorry to hear things are not so rosey with you Kris....I will be praying for you my dear friend. The 31st was my Mum's birthday so it a great day to "get things done" if that will be the day.

Happy Birthday to dear little Dylan, time has certainly flown.I can't believe we are already half way through March.

Take it easy Kris ((((hug))))

Danielle Says Hello said...

Am glad that you are addressing the part of your life that has been holding you back from the rest of your life ;)